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Dubik’s Event team app


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In-Game Name: ive got a bunch

Proctor Casey Brown

S.Initiate Sydney Walker

Bosnian Explosive

Graduate Casey Sanchez

Hellfire Sgt Ashley

Steam ID and Discord ID:

Length of Time on the Server: 
Since late December so around 6months.
Why do you want to be a member of the Event Team? (100 word minimum):
Alright lets start of, the main reason ive really considered this is cause from what i can see at the moment its just 1 guy doing events, at least the small scale ones, the small events where there is a task and you need to find a specific character or some type of shit like that are amazing since they add to the server making it more fun, however sadly there aint that many so it ends up only happening once per week. I would love to help out, especially with all the RP aspects of it. Allowing players to participate in these events grows the servers rp potential, since i have to admit at the moment the server is highly pvp based “go there kill unity grab the extractor” dont get me wrong the pvp is fucking fun, especially when you get some good gear, but there is a lack of RP while playing on the server.
Previous Event Team/GM Experience:
None but im a quick learner
What Skills/Attributes do you bring to the table?:
Im creative in a way, im decently good in RP, i learn quickly, and if interested in something i will have a burning passion on that thing.
How old are you?:


What are your past bans on the Server (if any):
1 (rdm and prop abuse as fiend) was fucking around a bit too much on fiends
Briefly describe a possible event you would like to host on the server:


Well i will give you 2, one small scale and one large.


small scale:

A Ghoul has been spotted walking around the wasteland in a mysterious suit, go talk to him. Afterwards you find out he was part of the secret service before the war. After capturing him you interigate him and find a stash of prewar military books in a cave. (Learn a perk)


large scale (with managment permission i guess since institute is involved):


A mysterious man is roaming the wasteland, if interacted with he will go in a house and then a teleporter could be heard all across the wasteland. After a bit in a hidden section of the map a man resembling him would be found barely alive, after healing him he would explain how he was being replaced by a robot version of him. After this a bunch of coarser would appear walking the wastes interrogating trying to find the injured man. Whichever faction has him would then be raided by a bunch of synths. After the end of the raid, a coarser would teleport into the room kidnaping the injured man. For the next 30min the institute would be active trying to kidnap people.

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