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  2. You know they'll just also add a confirmed bachelor perk, black widow and so on, right? So... basically a perk that does extra damage...
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  4. Idk it is pretty funny to hate women. Also its "women" with an E. Not with an A.
  5. "Guys look I'm funny because I hate Woman!"
  6. What do you want to be changed? Add Lady Killer as a skill Explanation of suggestion? I would like lady killer added as skill spec into. It allows who ever using the skill is allowed to KOS woman onsite. The benefits of this perk is another form of grim healer and adds more RP keeping woman in their place How or why does this benefit the server? It adds another fun lore accurate skill to the server for more cool RP Are there any workshop add-ons or content needed for this suggestion? no.
  7. Out of all of the people in SC right now Epsilon would probably be the only person actually able to do it and not fold like all the other management before hand. I have zero clue why the way the owner and server manager role turned into 6.0 CGC. Divide desperately needs someone who was there since the begin, knew what made the server enjoyable in 1.0, and wont be bias. #Epsilon4ServerManager Download (2).mp4
  8. The Evil curse i casted upon the staff council is coming true......
  9. I dont own VT. also stop complaining about our custom orders devs permitted the COs. if they didnt want us having it they shouldnt have accepted my money.
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  11. 1 Dealer 2 STEAM_0:0:442581563 3 rdhsoviet 4 Y 5 Macbeth McCallen (NCR) Archibald Longfellow (Wastelander, not intending to join faction) 6 I, Shay Green am a Legacy born in, any action I do against The Vault is Valid for PK, This ranges from Kidnapping to Leaking Vault Info and Members to anyone Not Vault Tec.
  12. Vt should show the stats of the external gear and management/devs should show the math of how the 34 dr is equivalent to 10 additional dr. These stats are already public knowledge so it doesn’t hurt to share them and how the math works. Vt is an insanely OP faction that tries to restrict themselves by mostly playing defensive instead of offensive, but that doesn’t excuse them from taking nerfs if they are sincerely disrupting the balance of the server
  13. -1 I remember you. Wrong guy I didint make the report. But still only a 3 day ban from months ago You also should be unbanned it was only a 3 ban for ltap
  14. Who banned you?: Unknown What is your in-game name and Steam name?: Was David Robinson?/ myjesticnoob101 What was your ban message and how long were you banned? (Screenshot of the ban message when you attempt to join) There was no message What were you banned for?:(What did you do?) Logged off several months ago because i was kidnapped by PF and constant minge/harassment. What is your Steam ID and Discord ID: 76561198824748999/ 464246757090394124 Please provide any evidence you have regarding the incident that led up to your ban: N/A Why should you be un-banned?: Was playing on surge and had no bans and heard that things were less toxic and wanted to give it another shot.
  15. Vault tec is a faction whose strength should be related to their experiment. A vault full of concrete with gambling tables should NOT have the sheer amount of stuff that it does have. VT is solely this powerful because their paypig faction owner custom ordered a ton of stuff for them.
  16. I would have disagreed with this post a couple days ago BUT they have chosen to be more active! So its either they have choose to be active daily and be nerfed or they are inactive and OP. That is the choice all customs have. It is the ONLY excuse they have to be OP.
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