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  2. Question 1.) What is your Steam ID?: STEAM_0:0:554898768 Question 2.) What is your Discord ID?: barbarefe#0515 or doge#0515 Question 3.) What is your name Legionary? (Latin or Tribal Names Only): Dextreus Fawker Question 4.) Why do you wish to fight for Legion's Utah Cohort?: I wish to fight for the Legions Utah Cohort because I think Caesar's Legion will succeed in the rule of Utah and getting the petty, gullible NCR out of Utah and back to California. I would also like to be a vital asset to their cause. Question 5.) Are you interested in a division? (Praetorian Guard, Assassins, Cult of Mars): Praetorian Guards Question 6.) Are you interested in becoming a Decanus?: Yes Question 7.) List five laws of the Legion: Do not rely on technology Do not be insubordinate, obey your higher ups. Do not use Illegal chems Woman are not allowed Do not gamble, ever. Question 8.) Define Pax Romana: The important Laws and Morals, that every Legionary will follow. Question 9.) What is your characters background? (Doesn't need to be long but don't make it short either): Dex, who had been captured by the NCR, was falsely accused of crimes he didn't do, for all he was, was just a lonesome waster. As his life flashed before his eyes with a rope around his neck, he was interrupted by an attack by the legion. He saw the Legion were trying to rid the NCR, and the Legion had some sense in them. Dex decided to join the Legion in a effort to become something better, use his life in the aid of Caesar's, inevitable, Legion.
  3. Who banned you?: Sam What is your in-game name and Steam name?: In game : Ezio Firenze | Quantum Queef What was your ban message and how long were you banned?: 3 weeks What were you banned for?:(What did you do?) LTAP What is your Steam ID and Discord ID: STEAM_0:1:511163420 undragonized Please provide any evidence you have regarding the incident that led up to your ban: so it was like 9:00 pm my time and I just wanted to sell my frames and get off for the night, and i already got knocked out like 15-20 minutes beforehand. so as i walk up too the market there's 6 dudes sitting around it and i say hi and go into the market and they start trying to knock me out and i just wanted get off so i just left and i got DMd asking if i wanted to continue the roleplay and i said no i was exhausted and i explained the situation and he told me "alright ill see you in 3 weeks" Why should you be un-banned?: I understand why i got banned and i should have just waited till they mugged/slaved whatever they wanted too do and then leave after the situation was over, i was on a cooldown and it annoyed me being mugged back to back but that doesn't mean i could have just Ltapd out of anger, i should've explained it to the staff in game.
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  5. bro just give them their zipties lmao, they aint doin nothin with them anyway.
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  7. Exceptionally retarded and racist. "That's enough; your mother's muff." +1
  8. What was the player's description?: SM Mafia enforcer, carries around a pack of permanent markers What is your in-game name?: 1st Recon "Pin" Please describe the incident: While chilling in NC a SM mafia member knocked one of us out, he dies no problem. Then he returns knocks the person who killed him and dies again, then rinse and repeat 4 times. after the 3rd time he returned with another person. Did mug me on the 2nd time for 350c. After the 2nd attempt that it is against server rules as well. Please provide any evidence or proof of the incident: https://medal.tv/games/garrys-mod/clips/1GnfTQzsm9MB2C/d1337dgll8GI?invite=cr-MSxGWHEsMjAyNzY4NDYyLA https://medal.tv/games/garrys-mod/clips/1GnbToPkJa70-S/d1337AFcvbpp?invite=cr-MSxLRVksMjA2ODg2MTA4LA https://medal.tv/games/garrys-mod/clips/1GnfDEYBQOwxyB/d1337u9RjhXl?invite=cr-MSxockUsMjA2ODg2MTA4LA https://medal.tv/games/garrys-mod/clips/1GnbebglghBrsy/d1337gjXmxta?invite=cr-MSxHdnIsMjA2ODg2MTA4LA
  9. Mikvik is not only a well respected player, but I've had the pleasure of him accompanying me in a handful of events on the server. He proved to be not only useful in creating fun characters for other players to enjoy but overall enhancing players immersion and time on the server, take his time as Elder for example. +1
  10. What is your name? Parker R. White Why do you think you are great for this job? I was BORN for the killing life! I even got my own gun! What is your story? I spent all my days in the pit and cage fighting for my freedom! Fought my way out of those raider hands and made my way out west to look for more work and blood to spill! What are you applying for, Grunt or Research? THIS GRUNT ONLY EATS WAX OOC Section Steam name & Discord ID: Drunkle Trout / drunkle_trout Please List all of your already existing characters: Parker White Do you understand that you can be kicked out at any time for any reason in Gunners, and that by signing this application, you resign all rights to defection, leaking, or breaking Gunners rules? O7 OORAH I LOVE GUNNERS
  11. In-Game Name: CPL Thomas Paine, Aiugo Cheng Steam ID and Discord ID: Mikvik#0 | STEAM_0:1:96290721 Length of Time on the Server: Been playing since CGC 1.0 Why do you want to be a staff member?(100 word minimum): I have played Divide Fallout RP since the first month that it launched. After Claymore Gaming shut down, I never felt like I would want to play Fallout RP again; the raw gameplay and simplicity of Divide is what originally made Claymore great before they became corporate and let people like Elliot get control. I would like to keep the raw element of staff, roleplay, and staff judgment intact within the community. Recently, the Staff Council has succumbed to a lack of organization & leadership; however, I will plan to help bring certain aspects to the people running the server to become more organized, fluent, & consistent. Alongside this, I was recently apart of Management in Divide's MafiaRP project, although it did not succeed I enjoyed what little management I did in the server's short-lived existence and I want to do it again on FalloutRP. Previous Staff Experience: I was staff on Claymore Gaming, I was recently involved in Divide MafiaRP What Skills/Attributes do you bring to the table?: As a long-time player from Claymore Gaming dating back to late 1.0 to the end of 6.0; there is certain aspects of being a player that the current Staff have lost perspective upon. As a player I have also observed the problems Staff Council have had with organization, leadership, and consistency. I also have the perspective of someone who ran a faction on your server and can give input that other faction leaders currently do not have. How old are you?: 18 What are your past bans on the Server (if any): I have no history of bans on Divide. List as many rules as possible from the rule page without looking: RDM ERP Fail RP Fear RP Minute rules such as 5 Seconds to leave, etc.
  12. Can I get the ray gun instead?
  13. Event Short Description / Title: Project 115 Event Story: The silly Big MT, in all their goofiness, wound up "accidentally" releasing a Ghost plague onto the Utah area. The Brotherhood, NCR, and Legion are gonna have to stop them or face the consequences of mass ghost-ification! Rewards: For the player who gets the highest ghost kill-count, a Proton Axe, courtesy of the Big MT!
  14. Question 1) What is your in-game name?: David Gizmo Question 2) SteamID: STEAM_0:1:147280115 Question 3) Discord ID: clineroads Question 4) What is your motivation for applying to the Elder position?: Since I have been playing, I've played under a lot of factions and a main one of them I played for a severe amount of time was Brotherhood of Steel. Starting in 2.0 on CGC and then also continuing to play in 5.0 and 6.0 and I've seen a lot of Elders go by, some good and some not and I believe with said experience I can make the faction a better place for people to join and not some another group with power armor. Question 5) How do you intend to initiate the establishment of the Codex? Furthermore, what are the core principles and ideologies that shape your vision for the faction?: I plan to set up the three casts a lot more in depth, with proper procedures in play instead of making it just something simple; In reality it will be complex on the surface what I plan but simple in truth, having scribes split to certain roles as I've done before and worked well. Having proper trainings for gear as well as bringing in veterans from past times that are good back into the faction/fold. Ideology wise I will be pushing the right to all technology farther as well as that being our main focus, we will not be good people and we will be NEUTRAL in a sense leaning based on our decisions. Brotherhood will only help people when it is in the best interest of the faction and if we are able to benefit from it. Technology will be taken off people who own it, mugging for money or any other non tech item which will be in a list will be strictly prohibited with rank demotions if done. Tribalism will be still shunned heavily along with religions and cultures in the Brotherhood being banned or strictly monitored. Mutants and their eradication will be a secondary goal for the BOS and we will likely have a lot of enemies from the approach I plan to give, but it is all in the means of progressing the Brotherhood of Steel, and only the Brotherhood. Paladins will be enforcing the Codex as usual and will hold more power than the Knight Branch as should be due to Paladins being superior, Knights and Scribes will be the two main casts with Knights learning how to be independent and work to become Paladins and Scribes having several branches/sects to work on certain things like Robotics, Archivists and more to branch it out from more than just a research group. Question 6) What differentiates you from other candidates and makes you the ideal choice for the Elder position?: Other candidates seem to wish to lean strictly on to good or bad, when Brotherhood is a neutral group that only serves them self which in a sense can be seen as bad but overall is a neutral leaning party with the Mojave Brotherhood of Steel being more for gathering technology than anything as seen set in standard with Elijah and soon after with McNamara. Brotherhood should be kept lore close, with only certain smaller changes happening and larger changes being made through much time passage.
  15. Question 1.) Your Steam ID? STEAM_0:0:603975079 Question 2.) Your Discord ID? stinkyjarhead Question 3.) How long are these applications remaining open? a long long time Question 4. ) Do you wish to become a centaur, COTC or mutant? mutant Question 5.) What faction are you applying for? UNITY Question 6. ) What fallout games have you played? all of them except all of 1 and 2 Question 7. ) Why do you wish to join the Unity? i love the community and always have Question 8. ) What will your potential character's name be? TINY Question 9. ) Do you understand and accept the consequences of joining as a born-in member of the Unity? YES!!! Question 10. ) Which factions have you played on the server? pf fiends unity vt bos house forged chimera gunners enclave ncr v Describe your potential characters backstory (No Word Limit): A mutant from the westcoast who use to be a short person and still thinks he is on a journey kill all the humans who think hes big
  16. In-Game name: Defender Graves Date & Time of bug/error: ALWAYS Description of bug: If you lockpick the enclave extractor in the sewers it doesn't work How do you perform/trigger this bug: Try and lockpick it Error console stack: n/a Supporting screenshots/videos: n/a
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