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[qol] Auto-Restart server on crash


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What do you want to be changed?

Make server auto restart on a crash, not relying on 2 people to restart it because what if they are sick? what if they cant make it to a PC? then what? 

Explanation of suggestion?

i just explained it.

How or why does this benefit the server?

i got told that garrus only read the first line of my last suggestion and not all of it so here is the garrus version

Are there any workshop add-ons or content needed for this suggestion?


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On 5/13/2024 at 1:30 AM, Synth said:

i mean maybe, or it could be the nerfs combined with the fact we're waiting on a conversion, not too sure

Hope this helps!

better enlisted HP than t-60... speed boost... no fear...


I think the problem, perhaps, is that Tlalocan is plagued by the bad reputation of previous robot factions and that a cabal of inept leadership that blames internal problems on external factors (such as slight nerfs to incredibly strong whitelists, where your enlisted have the HP equivalent of 84.62 DR as well as a 8% speed boost and 30% jump boost) rather than looking inwards and realizing the problems are located nearly entirely within the INTERNALS of the faction, rather than with any easy to blame external force.


Hope this helps! lookin ass

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