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bonk's event team app


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In-Game Name:

чики брики (steam)

Got multiple char names, people either call me the name of the char or bonk

Steam ID and Discord ID:



Length of Time on the Server: 

End-august 2023

Why do you want to be a member of the Event Team? (100 word minimum):

I want to be a member of the event team because I got a lot of interesting ideas that I would like to see come to light and I think it would be better that I make these ideas happen instead of suggesting it to the current members, who might not even do it the way I interpreted it. It would also be pretty cool for me to host these types of events for the community because it would actually be a first-time experience for me. Also, most of the time at least, I barely make it to these events, even less stick to the end, so why not take it a step further, and actually CREATE these events and possibly give other players who can stick around and have a fun time doing challenges/quests in a goal to achieve something, wether it is an item, perk, boost, etc.

Previous Event Team/GM Experience:

None, I simply play on the server but wish to have a first time experience.

What Skills/Attributes do you bring to the table?:

Extremely familiar with the fallout lore, making organizing events a lot easier for me. I am also somewhat creative so I can often give event ideas who may help the team.

How old are you?:

What are your past bans on the Server (if any):


Briefly describe a possible event you would like to host on the server:

A recent vault has been discovered in the region. Its primary systems were not functional, however multiple survivors have been reported residing aswell as a large amount of technology that could be useful for different objectives. Obviously, this report attracted the eye of the Brotherhood of Steel, who not only could retrieve the technology, but also integrate the remaining survivors into their ranks to help them advance their goals. Not only it attracted the BoS, but the Enclave aswell, who would plan to purge the vault of its residents and destroy anything that would remotely be functioning. The 2 groups would fight each other, attempting to reach the Vault and its remains first. By the time both groups reach the Vault, a 3rd party would emerge, being the automated Vault security system, which was activated after a dozen radroach dug in. Composed of various automated units, this force will attempt to fight off both BoS and Enclave troops, in an attempt to "protect" the Vault's residents. The reward would depend on which faction wins (no rewards if security manages to push out both groups), but could range from a unique weapon to research boost.

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