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HeadHuntingSniper's Event Team Applicatin


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In-Game Name:
GB. PFC Lewis Fredrick
Hellfire Specialist One PV2. Greg Dannel

Steam ID and Discord ID:
STEAM_0:1:155685379 | headhuntingsniper

Length of Time on the Server:
45:55 according to Battlemetrics

Why do you want to be a member of the Event Team? (100 word minimum):
So, I know of my past in terms of things. I would like to address that there has been some time passed ever since I had been on Claymore Gaming and I have changed every since then. I've improved in character and I would like to have another chance at hosting events on Fallout servers, as they are very fun to host. If I must go under an extensive trial period because of this, so be it. I have recently heard things that events are far and few, and I'd like to see that changed a bit. The main reason I would like to be a member of the Event Team is to get out the event hosting experiences I love. I love to organize and host in-depth events that actual mean something and will have an impact. I have multiple prior experiences with hosting on an event team. I bring a lot of skills from those old aspects and have a lot of new fresh ideas for events with my progression and further understanding of the Fallout Lore now. Especially with the new hype of the Fallout TV Show coming out, while most of it couldn't happen yet, it can create some interesting ideas and I would like to throw my hat into the ring of event making once again. I also feel like this is a good option for me in general, as I despise having to work on staff operations and more of all prefer to just host events only and not perform staff duties.

Previous Event Team/GM Experience: 
Hosted Events on Claymore Gaming
Senior Game Master on Gaminglight Imperial Roleplay
Senior Event Planner on Astolfo Imperial Roleplay
Event Team Member on Gaminglight Police Roleplay

What Skills/Attributes do you bring to the table?:
Multiple prior skills with running events, good understanding of how the ULX system works not only on GMOD, but on Fallout Roleplay servers like Divide. Good ideas for events and the ability to generate a decent idea on the spot and perform it.

How old are you?:

What are your past bans on the Server (if any):

Briefly describe a possible event you would like to host on the server:
I feel like I shall keep it standard
First, I would talk with the NCR Officers/FL about this.
The NCR Mojave Units are contacted by a Senator from Shady Sands informing them of relief packages being airdropped because of some recent disturbances happening on I-15. The NCR is tasked with reporting to these Verti-bird drop points in order to collect all the relief packages. There will be three drop points, they can collect from. The NCR will be made unraidable. The NCR will attempt to collect them, but ANY Faction can try and intervene with the actions. The NCR would need to hold the supplies uncontested for 5 second to collect that point. The other factions would need to hold uncontested for 15 seconds.
- If NCR captures all three, they get three rewards pertaining to their supplies
- If another faction steals one, two, or all three of the packages, bonuses will be handed towards them pertaining to their supplies.
- If a wastelander group was to manage to capture it. They would gain a Cap Reward of selling or some other equal rewards.


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