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Leech's staff app


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In-Game Name:
Buck Marshall
Joey Crack
Joey Cross

Steam ID and Discord ID:

Length of Time on the Server: 
Since start of 1.0

Why do you want to be a staff member?(100 word minimum):
I was previously staff on Divide but was removed due to becoming inactive (couldnt load 2.0 map 80% of the time and IRL things). I enjoyed my time as staff as I felt I could actually help the community on ther server, especially during "dead" hours when I am most active. Since the launch of 3.0 I have been active again and have noticed the lack of staff/rule enforcement during the late hours the server runs, constant RDM, prop flying and general minge behaviour seems to run rampant at these times. I feel though the rules can seem over the top to alot of people, the server runs the smoothest and is most enjoyable for all parties when they are actually enforced. I hope to be able to make the sever a more enjoyable place for everyone to play the game how they want to while obeying the rules set in place and feel I am more than capable to help this happen. 

Previous Staff Experience:
Staff and Events Team Divide 1.0

What Skills/Attributes do you bring to the table?:
I am calm, unbiased and easy to approach which I find helps me deal with difficult situations which pop up with reports ingame. I am quite good at diffusing hostile situations/mediating an agreement between different people and am good at telling wether people are being honest or not in these situations. As stated before I am active in hours the server is lacking staff as I am from New Zealand.

How old are you?:

What are your past bans on the Server (if any):
cap transfer at the very beginning of 1.0

List as many rules as possible from the rule page without looking: 









Must be in orbital drop zone to engage combat

If you wish to keep someone captive for 30 mins you must interact with them at least once every 5 min

When wearing a slave collar you must obey your slave masters orders untill released/freed

Having a blunt weapon out or any other kidnapping tool makes you KoS

No IRL racism or homophobic slurs

Having two guns pointed at you means you must follow FearRP rules, 3 for mutants.

No prop killing or abuse

Mercy kills result in the RP to be resumed if the kidnapper/assailant requests it

No cap or item transfer 

Anyone may apply for staff however it is recommended that you are somewhat known within the community and have over 48 hours on the server. 

Lying on this application may result in a ban

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