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Vodkans Ban Appeal


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Who banned you?:

No Idea

What is your in-game name and Steam name?:

"Doc" Everlast 
Steam: Vodkan

What was your ban message and how long were you banned? (Screenshot of the ban message when you attempt to join)

What were you banned for?:(What did you do?)

I was banned for doxing

What is your Steam ID and Discord ID:
Steam: STEAM_0:1:149079827
Discord: Vodkan.

Please provide any evidence you have regarding the incident that led up to your ban:


I do not own VIP (read below)

Why should you be un-banned?: I believe that I should be unbanned or at least the punishment worsened because of a variety of reasons.

#1, the strongest reason is that I was not the one that placed his reddit link IN the server on a text screen. Why you say? I do not own VIP. I am not able to place text screens. I watched the person that placed the text screen on Saturday or Friday and watched him cover it up while I was looting but it was not me.
#2. No personal information was leaked. Doxing by definition is the "publishing private or identifying information about a particular individual on the internet". I never posted or spread the link to his reddit account.

I am willing to accept a lower punishment, however I was not the one to plaster his reddit link in the middle of New Canaan as I have no VIP. I was also unaware that I would have been punished for it. I was simply banned without any warning or sit.


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I would hardly consider this doxxing. Doxxing is when you out someone's identity, location, and whatnot. This is but a low blow at someone being a member of management on another community on another platform.


I +1 for this ban to be reduced to a week or removed entirely, as he does not have build perms. 


TL;DR: Got banned for a month because of a joke, which in itself holds no discriminating values.

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Vodkan has probably been one of the most "abused" person in the community, he completely deserves to be un-banned.
He did not dox anyone and said what he said in local out-of-character, if we are to ban everyone who brings up OOC circumstances external to the server we might as well just retroactively ban everyone and disable OOC.

also extremely weird that developers are allowed to ban users entirely, adding on that they didn't give him a sit.


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