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[Balance] Headshots are Headshots.


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What do you want to be changed?

Re-add headshot hitboxes to Power Armor

Explanation of suggestion?

If i click on someone's head it should do a Little more damage. I feel like having a headshot hitbox on power armor would still be balanced and make sense. 

Headshot hitboxes should be less effective then normal hitboxes, meaning if you hit that headshot you'll still deal More damage but it wouldn't be Too much more damage then a normal headshot. 

How much more damage it does is upto staff councils discretion and the suggestions of the comments.

To accompany this, perhaps effected armors should receive a moderate speed buff.

How or why does this benefit the server?

Its satisfying to hit headshots and get an effect from it, encourages people to risk going for headshots and missing rather than just going for body shots on PA because "it does the same damage anyways." 

Are there any workshop add-ons or content needed for this suggestion?


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I feel like adding this would actually make not wearing PA more viable, half the server is in PA so I really think this should be added 

Also, there are some legion and unity PAs that dont even look like PAs (and there is prolly more) so seeing someone wearing these armors is annoying to fight against because you have to make a decision to go for their head or not as you're fighting them

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