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Doom Guy's Staff App


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In-Game Name:
P4YT0N - MK2

Senior Knight Tyler Gard

Steam ID and Discord ID:



Length of Time on the Server: I really don't know, as i played a year ago for a few months. But if i had to give a estimate around 150-250 hours. 

Why do you want to be a staff member?(100 word minimum): I've been playing on this server for quite some time, and with the announcement calling for more staff, I thought it wouldn't be a bad idea to join and give some support to a server I plan on playing for quite some time. I've always found interest in joining the staff team in servers I plan on playing due to either the benefits or a overall enjoyment in helping. I also planned on joining the staff team a year earlier when I used to play, but ended up not doing so due me leaving the server and not finding a place within it either. 

Previous Staff Experience:

Civil Gamers MRP/SCP | MRP: Admin (server leadership) | SCPRP: Senior Mod

What Skills/Attributes do you bring to the table?:

Experience, Professionalism, and a way of talking with people. I've always been really good with this stuff.

How old are you?: 17

What are your past bans on the Server (if any): I'm unsure. But i think i have none

List as many rules as possible from the rule page without looking: 

NO: Metagaming, Powergaming, RDM, NLR breaks, breaking FearRP, VDM, using suicide nukes during wars, Racism, Slurs, Exploiting, toxicity.

Specific rules: Robots cannot be fearRPed, Robots if 2 people are around them must let them attempt hacking, Lobomites must act disabled, Sentry's and Eyebots cannot loot items from containers, PK's must happen within a faction base. 

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