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Med's Staff app


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In-Game Name:

(4 characters.)

-NCR SNCO Engineer CO Med Viotto.
-Enclave NCO R&D. SGT Med Campbell
-Vault Tec NCO S.W.A.T SSPC Vietto
-Outcast Robobrain ENLIST ORB-4470.

Steam ID and Discord ID:

med1111 | STEAM_0:0:517190772

Length of Time on the Server: 

Around almost a month now.

Why do you want to be a staff member?(100 word minimum):

Well i started playing around a month or so back, & I have been invested ever since. The community has a lot of great people & majority of the player base are fun people to be around. But when it hits during low pop, (Usually when everyone who isn't in/around Australia are sleeping.) I've noticed that there are no staff online. And people during this time still require staff help, but no one is around to meet that demand. I'm usually on during this time, & I've been wanting to apply to be a staff member for a while. The only thing that had been holding me back on applying is the fact that I was still learning all the rules of the server. I have had a few mishaps that have ended up with me getting verbal warnings, but I have learned from those mistakes. 

I'm now feeling confident enough to apply to be a staff member, as I'd like to be able to moderate during these low pop times. Though I am usually on during the day as-well when the server is usually at maximum compacity, meaning i can be active as a staff member during those times as-well.

Previous Staff Experience:


What Skills/Attributes do you bring to the table?:

Activity, Maturity, Good English skills. I'm also a very friendly person, I like helping new-comers & I have no biased opinions toward anyone/any group. I can show good activity on a daily basis & I can keep my calm during situations that would require me to do so. 

How old are you?:


What are your past bans on the Server (if any):


List as many rules as possible from the rule page without looking: 

-No exploiting what so ever.
-Don't break NLR.
-No bug abusing.
-No meta-gaming.
-No racial slurs of any kind.
-No building in wars.


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