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Staff member application


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In-Game Name:

Knight sgt Kraven Hellsing

Operative Markus blade

Senior Initate Reyes escobar 

VT9 Warrent Officer SkullEater

VWM Joseph Maclean

Steam ID and Discord ID: 76561198188635135

Length of Time on the Server: since January 17th 2024

Why do you want to be a staff member?(100 word minimum):
I’ve been in this server for a whole a few months and I would like to use my player experience in the server, I can tolerate people who are acting trolls, I would also listen to both parties and coming up to a conclusion. I am an understanding person, however if rules are broke I must abide to such rules. I also play in the middle of the night and if anyone needs help I would help them whatever they need help with. Also in the mornings too, my schedule can be random and it’s either where staff is not on that’s where I’ll usually be on.

Previous Staff Experience:
A junior mod in scp rp

What Skills/Attributes do you bring to the table?: communication and understanding both parties, knowing who can be a troll in the server 

How old are you?: 22

What are your past bans on the Server (if any): 1 broke fear rp 

List as many rules as possible from the rule page without looking: 

No cap transferring 

don’t disrespect staff 

don’t use slurs

dont poach players for other servers

When someone has guns up on you, you are under fear rp

in order to do fear rp is either you knock them out or have another person with them.

if you find exploits contact staff

no mass rdming and rdming

don’t be toxic

when having a collar on you, you must abide orders from the slaver.

Don’t break NLR 

don’t do loopholes unless you want to get banned.

make a ticket if you need help with stuff

during a raid and at the enemy base you must wait 5 seconds before shooting them down

only hold captives for 15-20 mins 

no minging

listen to staff 

no metagaming

play as your ic character at all times, like don’t use ic as a ooc

In a faction you must listen what you are told to

no Item transferring 

don’t spam the mic, or text chat


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