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Rat's Event Team Application


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In-Game Name: Ratmeister

Steam ID and Discord ID: Ratmeister, the.ratmeister

Length of Time on the Server: Since 2020

Why do you want to be a member of the Event Team? (100 word minimum): After seeing how events and such are played out, I wanted to try my hand at making these events rather than just playing in them. While events by other team members are very entertaining, I feel like they can sometimes lack the goofy, entertaining nature of the original games, making them seem too over-serious. Hell, some events are just straight up PVP, having no roleplay or substance. I want to do events in which roleplaying matters, and can influence the story of an event in ways that also matter (But I can also do cool PVP events too). I want to look at the past of Fallout, use some of that old glory, give classic Fallout players their monthly dose of memberberries, while also providing an entertaining experience for those who don't really know what these older factions are. I wanna make people feel like they're playing a Fallout game, with all the goofiness those games radiate.

Previous Event Team/GM Experience: Was looking to find some here. Learned from a friend from Landis/Triage/Deep Gaming

What Skills/Attributes do you bring to the table?: Obscure Fallout knowledge, entertaining ideas, and general GMod experience.

How old are you?: 16

What are your past bans on the Server (if any): One when I was new to the server for breaking FearRP.

Briefly describe a possible event you would like to host on the server: Competitive Raider Derby: A vehicle-based event taking inspiration from Mad Max and Wasteland Weekend. Representative drivers are sent to a small area in the LA Desert along with their vehicles. The objective is to kill each other using their vehicles, with an audience betting and watching (In-lore, it would be hosted by Paradise Falls, since they're a real big event-hosting faction). Similar to the PF fight night, but with cars.

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