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Table of Contents:

Section A : Class/Job Rules

Section B : Unique Faction Rules

Section C : Miscellaneous

Section D : Wars/Conquests/Base Conquests

Section E : Defection / Leaking / Espionage

Section F : Custom Orders and Donations


Section A:Class/Job Rules


1. Humans are not allowed to wear armors designated for other classes (e.g., Robot).


Super Mutant:

1. Super Mutants are restricted from wearing armors not specifically designated for Super Mutants.

2. Super Mutants cannot join factions that do not offer Super Mutant classes.

3. Behemoths must engage in indiscriminate attacks against anyone. This does not apply to Unity behemoths.


Robotic Entity:

1. Robotic Entities cannot by default be subjected to FearRP or Inflict FearRP.

2. They can be hacked using methods explained in the Advanced rules page.

3. Other characters are prohibited from assisting in hacking a robot.

4. Robotic Entities must only wear or use items intended for their class and roleplay appropriateness.

5. They must use a Robot Model for PAC; human models are not allowed.

6. Once hacked, if a Robotic Entity dies, they are no longer hacked and retain their original state.

7. If a hacker does not interact with a hacked robot for 5 minutes, the hacking effect is nullified.

8. Cannot use chems or the cannibal perk.


Dangerous Entity:

1. Dangerous Entities may be optionally killed on sight (KOS) by all.

2. FearRP does not apply to Dangerous Entities.

3. They must only wear or use items intended for their class and roleplay appropriateness.

4. Dangerous entities can not assist in raids.


Monstrous Entity:

1. Monstrous Entities are subject to being killed on sight (KOS) by all.

2. FearRP does not apply to Monstrous Entities.

3. They must actively attempt to eliminate all non-monster characters.

4. Monstrous Entities cannot be tamed or interacted with to establish friendly relations.

5. They must only wear or use items intended for their class and roleplay appropriateness.

6. Monstrous entities can not assist in raids.


Section D-1:Transformation Rules
What is a Forceful Transformation?

A forceful transformation refers to the act of forcibly changing a player's physical form into a different morphology.


Forced Transformation Rules:

1. A player can only be forcefully transformed if the perpetrators have a valid PK (Player Kill) reason for targeting the victim.

2. Non-human transformations can only be reversed using in-game mechanics; roleplay-based reversals are not allowed.

    For example, if a human is transformed into a Super Mutant, they must utilize the Purity Chamber in-game to revert back to their human form. No alternative methods are permitted.

3. Self-inflicted PK (Player Kill) cannot be used as a means to revert to the original morphology.

4. "Ghoulification" is not considered a forceful transformation and can be performed by any faction with the necessary in-game abilities. People however can not unconsensially ghoulify others without a faction perk.

   Reason: Ghouls are still considered humans, and ghoulism can be cured through the use of the Purity Chamber.

Section B:Unique Faction Rules

New California Republic (NCR) 

- Admission Submission: Any character sent to the 'NCRCF' must have an admissions submission made within 24 hours of their arrival. Failure to submit the admission within this timeframe will result in the nullification of the entire process and no penalty for the victim character.

- NCR can not use mustard gas during NLR in wars/conquests.

- Hanging for Chems: During a mugging incident, if the NCR confiscates only chems from a person, they are allowed to hang them on the gallows, bypassing the rule against killing after the mugging. It's important to note that the NCR does not necessarily need to mug the person in order to carry out the hanging. However, this privilege of hanging is limited to the confiscation of illegal chems exclusively.

- Outcast can Tech Mug just like Brotherhood of Steel

- Conversion into Super Mutant: It is permissible to forcibly convert an individual into a Super Mutant, but only if a Player Kill (PK) reason exists for said person.


- Ghoulifying: Unity can ghoulify individuals. All Unity involved gain a PK reason for a forceful transformation.

- Behemoth Control: The faction known as Unity possesses the exclusive ability to control the Behemoth as long as they have a player who actively controls it within their faction.


- Unity Centaurs and Optional KOS: Unity Centaurs are considered Optional Kill on Sight (OKOS), unless they are accompanied by a member of the Unity faction wearing armor.

Talon Company 

- Talon can PK people for other factions in exchange for caps in a contract. The contract HAS to be approved by Staff Council with a cap minimum. Talon suffers the consequences for any revenge PKs/conquests/wars for the contract. The PK must be performed in their base. The faction hiring Talon CANNOT perform the PK themselves now. Talon MAY NOT revenge or Cover-Up PK over potential contract discussions. Consequences of the contract will also effect the contractors with direct proof of their involvement.

Think Tank

- Brain Bank: The Think Tank faction has the capability to store individuals' brains in the brain bank. This allows for the revival of someone who previously stored their brain in the bank. However, this revival process requires a body from a willing or unwilling victim (with a PK reason) to transfer the brain into. The victim will then be subject to a PK, and the previously deceased individual will be brought back to life. It's important to note that this process does not turn the user into a Lobotomite at any point. Additionally, any previous PK reasons on the resurrected person will be cleared.

- Forceful Conversion into Lobotomite: It is permitted to forcibly convert an individual into a Lobotomite, but only if there is a valid Player Kill (PK) reason for doing so.

- Lobotomites and Defection: Lobotomites/Lobotomite Super Mutants are not permitted to defect from the BigMT faction on their own accord or harm the faction of their own free will.

- Think Tanks (Brain Jars) and FearRP/Hacking CombatRP: Think Tanks (Brain Jars) are exempt from FearRP and hacking combatRP rolls.


- Brain Destruction and PK: If an individual has been Brain Banked and the Think Tank faction has a PK reason on them (or if it's an approved circumstance by the Staff Council), they have the authority to destroy the brain, resulting in a PK without the need for a kidnapping. However, this PK must be approved by a Think Tank High Command member, and the reason for the PK must have been obtained while the perpetrator was a part of the Think Tank faction.

The Enclave

- Unmutifying Mutants: The Enclave is not required to have a PK reason in order to reverse the mutation process and unmutify a mutant. All Enclave involved gain a PK reason for a forceful transformation.

- Unghoulifying Ghouls: The Enclave has the authority to unghoulify individuals without the need for a PK reason. All Enclave involved gain a PK reason for a forceful transformation.

- Creating Centaurs: The Enclave must possess a PK reason in order to transform individuals into Centaurs. All Enclave involved gain a PK reason for a forceful transformation.

- Defection: All defection or possible leaking of equipment is barred from the Enclave. All Enclave are born-in, and as an event-status faction, members cannot leave

- Enclave cannot call wars, call raids, or assist in raids/wars unless done through an event or approved by a Staff Council+ member.

Caesar's Legion 

- Crucifixion during Mugging: During a mugging, if the Legion chooses to confiscate only chems from a person, they are allowed to crucify them, thereby bypassing the rule against killing after the mugging. It's important to note that the Legion is not required to engage in the act of mugging in order to carry out a crucifixion. However, this authorization for crucifixion is limited to the confiscation of illegal chems exclusively.

- Frumentarii Name Change: Legion Frumentarii members have the option to change their names for the purpose of infiltration, subject to approval from the Staff Council. This name change is intended to support their efforts in carrying out successful infiltration operations.

Children of Atom

- COA ferals are OKOS (Optional Kill on Sight) unless they are accompanied by a member of COA.


Paradise Falls

You cannot enslave someone AND sell them to the “slave vendor”. You must either sell them to the "slave vendor" at the start or enslave them for the full time and then let them go.


Born-in Rules

 Born-in status defines a character whom was born directly into a faction and therefore is unable to defect from the faction without authority of it's high command. This policy serves as both a potential event tool and or faction perk in specific circumstances.

Legacy Born In Factions - All Enclave, Think Tank, Vault-Tec, Outcast, PLA, and Brotherhood of Steel members are born in if recruited via legacy born in applications on forums. No matter how you join merchants you are not allowed to defect either due to economy restraints.

Legacy Born in Whitelists - People mutified in/into Unity, Tlalocan Robots, MM AO Robots, House Securitrons, Think Tank Lobotomites, Robobrains, and WBOS Calculators are legacy born in the moment they become that role.


Cores Mugging

- Legion may chem mug people without a PK reason being put on them. The chems must be illegal as specified in a legion document.

- NCR may chem mug people without a PK reason being put on them if the individual is arrested [Brought back to base and handcuffed]. The chems must be legal as specified in an NCR document / lawbook.

- Enclave may steal back "Enclave Access Pads" without a PK reason being put on them.

- BOS may tech mug Tech Recycler frames and scrap electronics from people without a PK reason being put on them.

[Note: These items cannot be taken or forced out from backpacks.]


Advanced Class Rules:

Lobotomite/Lobotomite Super Mutant (Custom Class)

- Immunity to Fear: Lobotomites, while actively in the Think Tank, are unable to experience fear. FearRP does not apply to them during this time. Only when they are both ziptied AND handcuffed can FearRP be applied.


- Roleplay as Mentally Handicapped: It is mandatory for Lobotomites to portray themselves as heavily mentally handicapped, emphasizing the cognitive impairments resulting from the lobotomy procedure.

Ghosts (Custom Class)

- Ghosts, created by red gas, injected or otherwise, are treated as a Feral Ghoul whitelist in that they cannot loot, farm, cap points, are immune to FearRP, and are KOS. Furthermore, Ghosts cannot attack Think Tank members.


Fearless Classes

- If a member of the "fearless" class (robots, creatures, ghosts, etc) is both handcuffed and ziptied, they are considered to be in FearRP as long as both restraints are applied. In the event that a fearless class member is knocked out, they must wait for the kidnapper to handcuff and ziptie them before taking any further action.


Robot: Donation Whitelist

The following guidelines outline the abilities and permissions for different robot classes regarding looting and communication:


Looting Ability (Ability to take items from Loot boxes):

- Eyebots: Not permitted to loot items from loot boxes.

- Sentry: Not permitted to loot items from loot boxes.

- Protectrons: Allowed to loot items from loot boxes.

- Gutsy: Allowed to loot items from loot boxes.

-Robots can not use the cannibal perk.


Communicating Ability (Ability to use microphone or type):

- Eyebots: Not permitted to communicate via microphone or typing.

- Sentry: Allowed to communicate via microphone or typing.

- Protectrons: Allowed to communicate via microphone or typing.

- Gutsy: Allowed to communicate via microphone or typing.

- Robots are prohibited from mugging or branding other players, but they can engage in kidnapping. However, robots assisting in activities that can result in player killing (PK) are susceptible to being PK'd themselves. For example, if a Sentry Bot aids BOS in mugging someone, the Sentry Bot can be PK'd.


- Robots cannot be mugged or branded. To access a robot's inventory, hacking is required.


- Forceful Hacking: To forcefully hack a robot, two players must surround the robot, and one of them can initiate the hacking process with a /me command. Both the player and the robot then roll. If the robot wins the roll, they have the option to escape or initiate combat. If the hacker wins the roll, the robot must comply with the hacker's commands until its demise. If the hacker fails the roll, no other group members can attempt to hack the robot, and engagement in combat is only permissible if the robot initiates it.


- Passive Hacking: To hack a robot passively, the hacker must request permission from the robot to initiate the hack and then perform a /me command. If the hacker rolls 50 or above, they successfully hack the robot, gaining control over it until its destruction. If the hacker fails the roll, they cannot attempt to hack the robot again unless granted permission by the robot itself.

Ferals/Creatures/Monster Whitelists and Ghosts:

- No Looting: These whitelists and ghosts are prohibited from looting items.


- No Farming: These whitelists and ghosts are unable to engage in farming activities.


- No Caps Making: These whitelists and ghosts are unable to generate caps.


- Ghouls: Ghouls are Kill on Sight (KOS), meaning they can be attacked without hesitation.


- Creatures: Creatures are Optional Kill on Sight (KOS), allowing players to decide whether or not to engage in combat with them. Creatures can also be tamed, but it is for 1 life and the creature must abide by NLR.

- Creatures and Ferals can not assist in raids or wars.

Section C : Miscellaneous Rules 

1. A maximum of three Behemoth injectors can be utilized during each war.

2. Any faction-related trades involving custom weapons, armors, or items must be reported to the Staff Council  using the following format:


Items being traded:

Faction providing the item:

Faction receiving the item:

Reason for the trade:


3. To maintain ownership of their base, a custom faction must demonstrate activity over a two-week period, with a minimum of seven out of 14 days showing at least four members present (whether in or out of armor) for a duration of at least one hour. Failure to meet these requirements will result in the faction losing their base privileges.


4. Engaging in the sale of custom ordered items purely for profit (unless it falls within your specialization, such as GR, VG, etc.) will lead to a reduction in both the item's price and availability and possible removal from said faction leadership.

5. CUSTOM/CORE Faction Leaders may not defect or commit a mass defection without approval from Management/Staff Council.

Section D : Wars/Conquests/Base Conquests

Rules of War

1. Officers/High Command+ within a faction have the authority to declare war on another faction.

2. Spawning vehicles or building fortifications during a war is prohibited.

3. Starting a war requires approval from an admin+ and must be initiated by the high command of a faction.

4.  Wars must have a valid reason to begin. The current acceptable reasons are listed.

5.  Other factions or wasteland factions (consisting of 4+ members with the same attire) may assist in wars.
6. Both participating factions must have a minimum of 8 members on each side.


7. Wars cannot be declared directly in front of the opposing faction's base and must take place outside of render distance.

8.  Factions involved in the war cannot lock their doors.

9.  Chaining war declarations between factions is not allowed.

10. The faction that loses the war must go to the victor's base to negotiate war demands. The highest-ranking officer of the losing faction must be present to represent their faction.

11.  If both sides agree, a character kill (PK) can be demanded as part of the war terms. For example, if the Legion wins a war against the NCR and the Colonel agrees to be PKed as a war demand, the Legion can carry out the PK.

12. After losing a war, the losing faction must fulfill the war demands within one hour. if the faction cannot fulfill the war demands in that hour the Faction Leader can be pked and removed from his position

13. Both sides engaged in the war must maintain a faction ratio of 2:1 or lower.
(Example: 2 factions versus 1 faction is allowed, but 3 factions versus 1 faction is not allowed.)


14. No defensive or assault props are permitted between the two opposing factions. Any existing defenses will be deleted before the war starts.


15. During a war, the use of nukes/OBSs/Unity Mininukes, FEV (does not include behemoth, see 16. ) is prohibited.


16. Only one behemoth can be used during a war, and it must be deployed at the beginning of the war during the staging phase (when vehicles are spawned).


17. Factions with connecting teleporters are allowed to defend the teleporters/base during wars without directly engaging in the conflict. For example, if the Legion is at war with House, the Legion can use the monorail to access the Strip, but the NCR is allowed to attack any Legion members attempting to use the monorail and lock doors without it being considered loophole assistance.


18. During the preparation phase, a maximum of 2 vehicles can be spawned.


19. Cores cannot assist customs in wars, however, customs can assist cores AND other customs in wars.


20. For any war (scheduled or not), recruiting members from another for the specific use of them participating in the war is barred.


Ex: Legion whitelisting Whitelegs into their factionn for the war, and then unwhitelisting them after the war is over.


21. Factions on both sides may call at any point for a faction assisting them to step out of the war.


War Time Limit

1. The time limit for a war is set at 30 minutes (1800 seconds), which includes the respawn time under the New Life Rule (NLR).

2. The last 10 minutes of the war (600 seconds) are considered perma NLR, where all NLR rules apply.

3. Overtime may occur if either of the following conditions are met: both factions' bases are being captured simultaneously, or a faction base is still contested.

4.  When a war is declared, both factions will have a preparation period of 10 minutes to get ready.


War Goal

1. The objective is to capture and hold the enemy base for a minimum of 30 seconds. At least 2 people are required to capture the point.

2. Victory is achieved by defeating the remaining forces of the enemy faction within the perma NLR timer. Hiding or avoiding combat will not result in overtime.


War Cooldown

1. A faction cannot be declared war upon for a period of 72 hours after the conclusion of a war.


2. A faction must wait 48 hours before they can declare another war.

3.  Following the end of a war, there is a 45-minute cooldown period before raiding the same faction is allowed.

4. This cooldown duration stacks with the cooldown for base conquest.


War Demands

1.  High Command or higher-ranking members have the authority to negotiate demands.

2.  No hostilities or conflicts are to take place between factions involved in War Demands.

3. In case of a faction's victory, the highest-ranking member may choose from the following war demands:

A. Payment of 35,000 Caps or surrender of a specific faction-branded item that is identified in advance.

B.  Losing Faction is KOS for a period of 168 hours (1 week) at a specified location, region, or town.

C. Establishment of a peace period where the faction must maintain neutrality towards a specified faction for 96 hours (4 days).

D.  Winning faction's branded items that they can identify from the losing faction. If the item(s) are no longer in the losing faction's possession but it was confirmed that they had it, they MUST reveal where it went to as a war demand. Still Subject To Change.

E. If the winning faction has a pre-approved PK reason for an individual from the defeated faction who is present during the war, they can demand that the individual be turned over and subjected to a PK.

F.  Anything the two factions consent to.

4.  Following the War Demands, no hostile actions can be taken against participants for a duration of 20 minutes. This supersedes the use of bombs, such as nukes or obs, which can be used at any time and place w/ exceptions.

5. If a faction is asked to leave during War Demands and they are not one of the main two warring factions, they must comply.

6. During war demands, no hostile action can be taken against participants for the duration of the war demands. This INCLUDES the use of Nukes, OBS, timed bombs, etc.


Rules of Conquests

1. Only High Command members have the authority to request a Conquest.

2. A Conquest involves two opposing factions, with no assistance allowed. It is a 1 Faction vs 1 Faction scenario.

3. Approval from 2 Staff Council members is required to initiate a Conquest.

4. Starting a Conquest requires a compelling and valid reason, such as the NCR killing the Legion's Caesar.

5. Both participating factions must have a minimum of 8 members on each side to proceed with the Conquest.

6. Factions involved in the Conquest cannot lock their doors or block main entrances.


Dynamics Of Conquest

1. The Conquest consists of a series of 3 normal wars spread over the course of a week through 1v1s.


2. Prior to each war, both factions are given a 15-minute preparation period to devise attack plans and construct defenses.

3. Once the preparation time elapses, the war commences.

4. The faction that emerges victorious in 2 out of the 3 wars is declared the overall winner; there are no ties.

5. Staff Council members and higher have the authority to supervise Conquest Wars.

6. There is a cooldown period of 1 month before another Conquest can take place.

7. Each war will have happen bi-daily between each other until the 2/3 ratio is complete.


Conquest Time Limit

1. The time limit for a conquest is is set at 30 minutes (1800 seconds), 10 minutes (600 seconds) for perma NLR which includes the respawn time under the New Life Rule (NLR).


2. If both sides agree, it can be one long war lasting 1 hour (3600 seconds), with 16 minutes (960 seconds) of perma NLR 

2. Overtime may occur under two conditions:

a. Both factions' bases are being captured simultaneously.

b. A faction base remains contested even after the designated time limit.


Conquest Cooldown

2. Following the fulfillment of war demands, a 10-minute grace period is in effect during which hostilities, ambushes, or raids against the winning faction(s) are prohibited.


Conquest Demands

 (High Command+ may negotiate demands)

When a faction emerges victorious in a Conquest, the highest-ranking member of that faction can choose from the following demands:

A. 100k (3 wars worth of demands)

(The losing faction has a week to get all the funds together, if they fail, another demand is selected by the victors)

B. PK'ing 2 members of the losing faction without a PK reason OR 4 members WITH a PK reason

C. Establishment of peace, requiring neutrality toward the specified faction for a period of 168 hours (7 days)

D. The victor can KOS the losing faction in a specified location for a duration of 336 hours (2 weeks) [e.g., a designated town, region, etc]

E. Destruction of ongoing research or confiscation of an ongoing research project

F. Demand for ALL victor's faction items to be returned, whether known or not.

G. A high end, branded to the losers, be given to the victors (pending SC approval).

(The item cannot be reclaimed through any other means than a war demand, the victor's having said item is not in it of itself a war reason)

H. Combination of smaller items set forth by the victor (mid-tier weapons, utility items, uniques, etc) (pending SC approval). 

I. Whatever both parties consent to.


Rules of Base Conquest


1. Only Officers/High Command+ in a faction have the authority to declare war on another faction.

2. During a war, spawning vehicles or constructing fortifications is prohibited.

3. Approval from the Staff Council and FL is required to initiate a war.

4. Wars are conducted in a direct 1v1 format, without any assistance. Both factions must have a minimum of 8 members on each side.

5. Wars cannot be declared directly in front of the opposing faction's base; it must be done outside of render distance.

6. Factions engaged in a war must keep their doors unlocked.

7. Chaining base wars, or consecutively declaring wars on different bases, is not permitted.

8. In the event of a victory, the aggressor faction will claim the loser's base.

9. Defensive/assault props are strictly prohibited between the opposing factions. Any pre-existing defenses will be removed before the war begins.

10. If the aggressor faction is defeated, they must surrender their faction pay to the victorious faction.

11. The last remaining faction standing will be declared the winner.

12. There will be a week announcement from the date the war will be fought. During this week period, neither faction can recruit members.


Base Conquest Time Limit:

There is a time limit of 35 minutes (If base is not captured within that time frame the aggressors lose).

Base Conquest Cooldown:

- 1 week cooldown on attempting to conquest a location

- 3 day cooldown on aggressors assaulting any location

- This cooldown stacks with the regular war cooldown.


-Merchant Factions, Core Factions, Factions with set bases (TT, VT, bases designed with specific factions in mind), Followers of the Apocalypse are exempt from base conquests.


Section E : Defection / Espionage / Leaking

★ Golden Rule 

Key Terms

Leaving a faction without consulting its leadership and additionally stealing the equipment provided by the faction.

Leaking: While staying in the faction - and without consultation of its leadership - selling, giving, or "losing" faction equipment, branded or otherwise.

Espionage: Infiltrating a faction with the intent to gather information, sensitive or otherwise (relations, deals, PK reasons, research, etc).

Sabotage: Infiltrating a faction with the intent to handicap it (purposely causing internal issues, unrest, performing sabotage research).


NOTE: You can do more than one activity (sabotage AND espionage AND leak items) so long as you meet the requirements for each section (book logs and discord channel should make it apparent you are doing more than one activity).


  Defection Leaking Espionage Sabotage
Staff Council Approval ✅ ✅   ✅*
Two Weeks Minimum ✅ ✅ ✅ ✅**
Attended Two Flag Ups ✅ ✅    
Book Logs ✅ ✅   ✅*
Equipment Leaves Faction ✅ ✅    
Discord Channel ✅ ✅ ✅ ✅*

*=Applies only to Sabotage Research Specifically

**=Does NOT apply to Sabotage Research Specifically



◆ Defection ◆

★ You cannot join a faction with the express intent to Defect or Leak Items (aside from Legion Frumentarii). Attempts to get around this will result in a ban and the items returned. 

◇ You CANNOT defect as a Robot, Super Mutant (Unity only), special whitelist/custom classes (Lobotomite, FEV Abomination, Centaur, etc) or from Legacy Born-In Factions.


◇ Reasons to Defect/Leak Item include (but are not limited to):

a.) Life has been realistically threatened (PK) or threatened with a discharge when the faction is known to kill those who leave.

   NOTE: You still have to meet the other requirements, so if you were threatened but do not meet the two week requirement, you CANNOT defect.

b.) Faction ideals are being betrayed and HC were informed and doing nothing about it

   NOTE: This is a case-by-case basis, as it varies significantly between factions; evidence must be shown of HC not willing to do anything about it.

Faction ideals are defined by the FL/HC.

c.) Legion Frumentarii sent with prior SC+ Approval


◇ The Defector must log 2 weeks of activity with a holotape or physical book logs via items.


◇ Book log should a paragraph minimum, including name of defector (original and new name if Legion/Tech researched), their goal, and what they have observed that particular day. At some point, include who you plan to defect to and why.


◇ A In-Character discord channel coordinating with the defector is required (with SC able to see it) 


◇ A minimum of one hour activity is required to be considered a "active" for the two weeks of activity requirement.


◇ Defecting or leaking items from a faction is only permitted after being actively involved for a minimum of 2 weeks and attending at least 2 faction flag-ups. Evidence of active participation in flag-ups will be required to validate activity.


◇ Defection rules: Defecting from a faction is only allowed when if the player leaves with 1 armor set (uniform+helmet included as 1 for new system), 1 weapon, and 1 utility (NCR gas, Legion cross, Stealth Boys, etc.) Players can also defect with up to 3 branded items that do not belong to the infiltrated faction in addition to the original 1/1/1 item ruling.


◇ Defection and Sale of Faction Branded Item(s)

   If a character defects from your faction and either gifts, transfers or sells faction branded item(s), a CK is unavoidable. Posting an item on the market is considered selling the item(s).


⬢ Leaking ⬢

★ You cannot join a faction with the express intent to Defect or Leak Items (aside from Legion Frumentarii). Attempts to get around this will result in a ban and the items returned. 


⬡ Leaking has the same requirements and restrictions as Defections (SEE ABOVE).

⬡ Leaking items from a faction is only permitted after being actively involved for a minimum of 2 weeks and attending at least 2 faction flag-ups. Evidence of active participation in flag-ups will be required to validate activity.


⬡  Leaking faction items: Only three non-stocked items and two stocked items can be leaked per week from a faction.


⬡ New system armor: Helmets and body pieces are considered separate items for leaking purposes.


▲ Espionage ▲

△ Espionage: A faction engages in spying on another faction with the objective of obtaining sensitive information.


△ You do not need SC approval to conduct espionage, but you must have 2 weeks of activity with an accompanying discord channel.


A In-Character discord channel coordinating with the spy is required (with SC able to see it) 


A minimum of one hour activity is required to be considered a "active" for the two weeks of activity requirement.


△ Sensitive information can include (but not limited to): Faction dealings, Relations, Research, HC comms, etc.


● Sabotage ●

○ There are various forms of sabotage, such as taking items from storage/faction-claimed extractor/factional ideals for one's self in critical situations. 


○ Faction Sabotage: The Defector/Faction FL will make a research proposal to research a way to mess with an infiltrated faction. Upon approval from Staff Council, the person will do a research project to hinder the faction.

   (Ex: A Spy joins DR, meets the activity, book, and research requirement, they can nerf the water well to be poisoned, significantly slowed down, etc.)


○ Sabotages can last up to two weeks, with 1 research day = 2 days of sabotage 

   (Ex: A spy spends 5 days researching to sabotage the chem bench of Legion, that'll translate to 10 days of sabotaged effect.)


○ The days, book logs, etc can be posted in the discord 


A In-Character discord channel coordinating with the saboteur is required (with SC able to see it) 


○ When the sabotage project is done, it is DM'd to a staff council member with the research format to then be voted on.


○ Do not begin work on the sabotage project without approval first!


○ You can sabotage Deployables (except faction storage), physical vendors (not F1) and permaprops (case-by-case basis).


Section F : Custom Orders and Donations

- Custom Ordered weaponry will NOT be given for free to owner of the weapon; they must purchase it from the F1 like everyone else.

- Custom Ordered weapon owners CANNOT buy and then transfer their weapon to another character or leave with it to another faction freely or because "they bought it". It is considered OOC to allow this and it will be reclaimed.

- Custom Ordered weapons CANNOT be transferred from the faction's F1 at the weapon owner's discretion unless that faction either: A.) locks or B.) converts to a different faction.

(Price/stock/stock rate is subject to change upon changing factions for balancing reasons.)


All digital goods displayed in the store of this website are presented as gifts provided to acknowledge your donation and support for the team behind the project. By "purchasing" any packages featured in the store, you acknowledge and agree that the contents of the packages hold no individual ownership. Divide reserves the right to withdraw, modify, or eliminate any package after it has been issued, for any reason whatsoever.

Donations are non-refundable. Once a donation has been made, it cannot be reversed or refunded unless required by applicable law. If you believe that a donation has been made without your consent or there has been an unauthorized charge, please contact our support team immediately for assistance.

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