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High Templars Ban Appeal


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Who banned you?: 

Unsure, ban has no reason listed, but I think it was Jacoba

What is your in-game name and Steam name?:

IC Name: Errol Okyl

Steam Name: Special Boy

What was your ban message and how long were you banned? (Screenshot of the ban message when you attempt to join)

What were you banned for?:(What did you do?)

It isn't listed but I know exactly why, I said things over broadcast about getting raped by mikvic and Skeleton.

What is your Steam ID and Discord ID:


Please provide any evidence you have regarding the incident that led up to your ban:


This is what I said. I was kidnapped and under FearRP.

Why should you be un-banned?:

I've learned my lesson and understand why I got banned. I pushed the limits while trying to be funny. I was under fearRP and was told to "Tell my story" over broadcast, but I should of known better that I should of said literally anything other than that. It was totally a mistake on my end, and I wont do this again. Looking back at it, it wasn't even that funny, it was just obnoxious and frankly retarded. 


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