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Found 3 results

  1. Following the Survivalist's defeat in the war against the Midwestern Brotherhood of Steel and their allies, Captain Robert Anderson of the 11th Armored Cavalry's Radscorpion Company; sent to the Mojave to perform reconnaissance on the region; drafted a letter to his allies and others; the remnants of the United States Government [the Enclave], West-Tek corporation, NCR, Outlaws, the Desert Rangers, and the rest of his company. Enclave received an envelope containing an apology for the loss of American life to the abominations of Unity and the Midwestern Brotherhood and praising the valiance of them for answering the call; despite the loss, a man assumed to be a member of West-Tek came under of the ownership of a letter informing them that communications best be opened between Anderson's successor and themselves, NCR and Outlaws received nearly identical letters containing information on the Captain's successor, Major Rockwell, of him taking control of the Company for the interim. The Desert Rangers got a rather heartfelt letter, of Anderson praising their tactics, professionalism, and skill. Very much enthused over their ability to have kept order amongst themselves and in the wasteland for so long; talking how they "reminded me of my forefathers and of my kin in Utah". And so Captain Robert Anderson departed to Utah, temporarily resigning his command to a Major George Rockwell, and instead of his first report to them being that of resounding victory in the region, it instead details his foolhardiness and general incompetence in the region. His future remains unclear for the foreseeable future but for Radscorpion Company, things are clear to change.
  2. ⍟ The Survivalists ⍟ "Who are the Survivalists?" - The Survivalists being descended from a pre-war Army regiment carry many facets attributed to them; loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity, and personal courage. Despite us being one of the oldest groups in the wasteland, we isolated ourselves after hostile experiences with raiders and wasters alike. Total isolation would've been detrimental as history has proven. In order to minimize our interactions with the outside world we've only interacted with a few small towns to trade for/with technology, medicine, small arms, and manpower. One of these small communities were the Mormons of New Caanan, who's religion brought comfort to numerous members. Our main goals are to survive, maintain order amongst ourselves, and to carry on the cultural legacy of the United States. With these goals in mind, a Survivalist must constantly hone their skills and even excel their current boundaries to preserve our kin, our order, and the legacy of the United States. --------------------------- "How do I join the Survivalists?" - You can join via born-in applications on the forums or in game. Both ways of joining require one to go through an inductee phase which will test you in both aggressive/passive RP and PVP. It consists of various trials and tasks for one to complete. --------------------------------- Introductory History to the Survivalists and Radscorpion Company. The Survivalists are post-war descendants of a branch of the 11th Armored Cavalry who were exiled north following a schism. They set up in a military installation, referred to as "Fort Dugway", near Salt Lake City. In recent years, waves of raiders and tribals have been driven through them and Survivalist command have drafted various companies to investigate the issue. Radscorpion Company was the first organized to both uncover whatever happened to their brothers in Hopeville and Ashton, along with the root of these raider troubles. Commanding the Radscorpion Company is the newly promoted Captain Robert Anderson and his lieutenants, Jake Dunn and Hayden Ridgeway. "Allons"
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