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  1. Project Title: Project Feed The People Duration/Time Spent on Project: 3 research days x 1.75 FoA Misc/Utility/Med Research Boost = 5(ish) days Project Description: After being paid some money by the NCR, FoA researchers were asked to make a food station to be deployed in the NCR base so that they could make a variety of foods besides their standard ration packs Project Goal/Purpose: Add a Cooking Station to the NCR base, either in the Recon Bar or the main barracks. Project Execution: D1: https://imgur.com/a/DbXjOjx D2:https://imgur.com/a/XqhUrLs D3:https://imgur.com/a/xIFnp59 SPECIAL Logs: https://imgur.com/a/6t4AhXI Research Personnel: SPECIAL Logs: https://imgur.com/a/6t4AhXI Clement Evander: 23 INT +10 Plague Doctor Clothing = 33 INT Have you reviewed the Rules of Research to ensure this project meets the submission criteria? Yuh Huh Is your project a raw stat change to an item, if so, do you have pre-approval via suggestion / staff council? Nuh Uh Insert your accepted research project pre-approval thread link: N/A Do you understand that your project maybe denied outright for gameplay balance? Yuh Note: having someone else post this for me. Currently cant get on computer because dying of the plague or something.
  2. Project Title: VT Tag & Relocate Duration/Time Spent on Project: 5 Days Project Description: Commissioned by NCR to make zipties for their use in the field in order to ensure order. Project Goal/Purpose: Granting NCR Zipties to use at their own discretion. Project Execution: Day 1: https://imgur.com/a/2ZFi9rV Day 2: https://imgur.com/a/tI9PdUG Day 3: https://imgur.com/a/mTOJzHD Day 4: https://imgur.com/a/B3D7nb1 Day 5: https://imgur.com/a/KzaAiKj Book Log: https://imgur.com/a/IC4Q3G9 Research Personnel: Viktoria Wundt 25 Intel + 7 (Was not wearing glasses) https://imgur.com/a/JQv1TMX Have you reviewed the Rules of Research to ensure this project meets the submission criteria? Yes Is your project a raw stat change to an item, if so, do you have pre-approval via suggestion / staff council? No Insert your accepted research project pre-approval thread link: N/A Do you understand that your project maybe denied outright for gameplay balance? Yes
  3. Project Title: VT Paranoia Duration/Time Spent on Project: 8 Days Project Description: Commissioned by NCR to make door breaches, for use in any desired capacity. Project Goal/Purpose: Granting NCR Doorbreaches to use at their own discretion. Project Execution: Day 1: https://imgur.com/a/9LNDHi7 Day 2: https://imgur.com/a/PLX5LN8 Day 3: https://imgur.com/a/wTTm2fa Day 4: https://imgur.com/a/8vR3rmV Day 5: https://imgur.com/a/QizcJOO Day 6: https://imgur.com/a/83HHYQX Day 7: https://imgur.com/a/wnXI2w4 Day 8: https://imgur.com/a/WEw0A0s Book Log: https://imgur.com/a/Qyk2ile Research Personnel: Viktoria Wundt 25 Intel + 7 (Was not wearing glasses) https://imgur.com/a/JQv1TMX Have you reviewed the Rules of Research to ensure this project meets the submission criteria? Yes Is your project a raw stat change to an item, if so, do you have pre-approval via suggestion / staff council? No Insert your accepted research project pre-approval thread link: N/A Do you understand that your project maybe denied outright for gameplay balance? Yes
  4. Dear, General XXXXXXX I'd hope this message reaches you well and in quick pace, it's Captain Rosemary. I was sent to the front lines in Vegas to assist Colonel Tony against the ever growing threat of the 'Unity' and Legion forces in the area. Therefore, we sent them running. Unity attempted a massive battle against NCR at the Mojave Outpost, just south of New Vegas, as they attempted to ambush our Outpost with a great attack, with their 'Super Soldiers' titled Nightkin and Power Armor Units our Rangers, Recon, and Infantry Core were able to push the attack back, with the addition of a counter attack being put in order by Myself, and Outpost Command. I ensure you this is not our last victory, this is just the beginning. I'd hope there is a shipments of Alcohol being sent to my door as we speak. From, Captain Adam Rosemary *General XXXXXXX would approach the frozen box that was sent from Vegas, opening it with his desk knife to see...*
  5. -̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷ Due to the sudden mobilization of the air forces vertibirds the colonel wishes to confirm numbers on total manpower to determine accurate ration counts as well as other logistical figures -̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷ Name (First, Last): Date of Birth: Race (Ghoul or Mutant): Identification Number (12 digits): State of residency: City of residency: Height: Weight: Brief history of yourself: Division Interest: [Shock/Infantry/Recon/Ranger/Medical]: Oath: I, _____, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the NCR against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the NCR and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice, and will accept all NCR law punishments including max prison sentence (PK) if I break this oath. So help me God. -̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷ Discord ID: Steam ID: -̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷ Fallout New Vegas_New California Republic Anthem.mp3
  6. Project Title: VT Medvezhonok Duration/Time Spent on Project: 5 Days Project Description: Commissioned by NCR to piece together a faction storage, to store their valuables and equipment for their Mojave Campaign. Project Goal/Purpose: Granting NCR a faction storage for - Of which they get to decide whom in their faction get to use it. Project Execution: Day 1: https://imgur.com/a/U1j9bvj Day 2: https://imgur.com/a/pVUP8WO Day 3: https://imgur.com/a/E3Ll7Go Day 4: https://imgur.com/a/LqoCELw Day 5: https://imgur.com/a/60cs9Ik Book Log: https://imgur.com/a/LnbZFGJ Research Personnel: Viktoria Wundt 25 Intel + 8 https://imgur.com/a/JQv1TMX Have you reviewed the Rules of Research to ensure this project meets the submission criteria? Yes Is your project a raw stat change to an item, if so, do you have pre-approval via suggestion / staff council? No Insert your accepted research project pre-approval thread link: N/A Do you understand that your project maybe denied outright for gameplay balance? Yes
  7. Early Life and Schooling: Desmond Wolf was born in a small village named "Trappers Folly" surrounding the Boneyard in 2240 to Hawthorne Wolf and Maya Smith. While Trappers Folly wasn't the friendliest or cleanest place to raise a kid, it was safe, and good enough by wasteland standards at the time. His father Hawthorne, a military man by trade, had long since left the battlefield for a administrative desk job at Fort Seaside, a couple of miles deeper into the Boneyard from their home. While his body was scarred and worn from years of fighting the Vipers and the Jackals in the Eastern reaches of the NCR with the famed 3rd Infantry Battalion "The Jackals", his mind was still sharp enough to compile intelligence reports, handle long range communications, and assist officers prepare and deploy their troops. The Boneyard was a critical spot for the New California Republic Army at the time, with some 2,500 soldiers per year receiving entry level training there before shipping out to Baja, Arroyo, Salton, or anywhere else in the fledgling republic. Without men like Hawthorne, the troopers would surely be chewed up and spit out by the unforgiving wasteland. His mother Maya owned and operated a small trading post and watering hole for caravanners passing through Trappers Folly. Scraping together what meager caps she could muster from Hawthorne's military stipends and her own trading and scavenging, she bought, sold, and traded to acquire the essentials for survival. Fresh water, pre-war food, ammunition, clothing, medicine, and even sometimes an occasional holotape containing pre-war music or films were often the contents of her backpack when she returned from the market. While it was a somewhat poor upbringing by NCR standards, Desmond knew that his parents were doing their best and staying true to the Republic's ideals, which was alright by him. From an early age, Desmond attended a small school made up of other military children at Fort Seaside, accompanying his dad to the base every single day. While the military didn't pay Hawthorne well, perks like this among many others made it all worthwhile. While these military schools were by no means the best funded or ran schools in the wasteland, and nowhere near the quality of the military and civilian academies in the capital of Shady Sands, most kids didn't even get to go to school at all, so Desmond thought of himself as lucky. Throughout his eight years of schooling, Desmond was anything but a good student. While his teachers didn't dislike him, he was always daydreaming, sketching in his notepad, or watching soldiers pass by the side window of the small one room schoolhouse. His teachers, who were often the husbands and wives of senior enlisted and officers on base, would communicate their concern to his father, who would punish him in any number of ways for not paying attention. Outside of school, he would often indulge in hunting varmint with his pre-war .22 rifle, and exploring the outskirts of the Boneyard with his friends. This often got him into trouble, but he knew how to think quickly on his feet to get him safely (mostly) out of most situations. Adolescence and Pre-Enlistment: After graduating from eight years of schooling at the age of 14, he started doing odd jobs for his mother at her trading post and for some soldiers around Fort Seaside. Delivering letters and parcels, cleaning weapons, sweeping and mopping barracks, and selling whatever trinkets he may stumble into along his daily trek from Trappers Folly to Fort Seaside, he managed to make a couple hundred caps each week, most of it going to his mother and father. When he was 15, his mother fell ill with an unknown sickness. Around the same time, his father got wounded in a freak training accident while trying to organize some new Privates during battle drills, which caused his medical discharge from the NCR Army at the rank of First Sergeant after 20 years of faithful service. While his pension helped cover the bills, it wasn't nearly enough to pay for the medical care Maya required. Desmond knew that his meager income couldn't support both his mother and his father, so he desperately needed to find higher paying and more stable employment. Against the wishes of his father and his mother, he enlisted into the New California Republic Army at the age of 16 in 2256. His father warned him of the dangers of the military, and of the countless troopers he'd trained and watched march to their death in the wastes. While he would never show it, this terrified young Desmond to his core. He knew that he was the only lifeline his parents had at the moment, and he owed it to them to stay alive and excel at his new job. Enlisted Military Service: After completing Entry Level Training and Advanced Individual Training in 2257, he was shipped out east to The Hub, where he guarded Caravans against Viper and other raider attacks. From there, he was redeployed to Shady Sands in 2260 on training duties, New Reno in 2263 on military police duties, Owen's Lake in 2267 on caravan escort duties, and eventually back to Fort Seaside in The Boneyard in 2268. Throughout this time, he slowly climbed the ranks, eventually being promoted to the rank of Sergeant First Class upon his return to the Boneyard. By this time, his parents were both nearing their deathes, and he had requested this post specifically so he could be with them in their final days. On August 16th, 2268, his father passed away, and was buried at the military cemetery across from the Boneyard Capital Building in downtown with full military honors. Shortly thereafter, his mother passed away as well, being buried right beside his father Hawthorne. While this broke Desmond's heart, his years of soldiering hardened him to the sadness of life, and didn't stop him from continuing his faithful service to the NCR, the only home he had now. After spending nearly a year at Fort Seaside doing much the same job that his father Hawthorne had, his commanding officer wrote a letter of recommendation for him to attend the Command and General Staff College in Shady Sands, which was swiftly accepted given his lengthy combat record and numerous accolades and medals. It warmed his heart to know that his father's faithful service was also noted in his recommendation, with his CO stating: "...in addition to his many combat and non-combat commendations, Sergeant First Class Wolf comes from a long line of NCR soldiers and patriots, with his own father serving meritoriously in the same position he is currently serving in at Fort Seaside nearly 20 years ago. It is clear to me that like his father, the fire of democracy and freedom burns within his heart, and you would do well to see to it that Desmond is immediately enrolled in Officer Candidate School in Shady Sands..." After spending two years in Shady Sands learning everything there was to know about military leadership, he graduated, and was promoted to the rank of First Lieutenant. Camp McCarren Deployment (2271): By this time the year was 2270, a monumental year in New California Republic history. The Mojave Territories, a brand new territory stretching all the way to the Colorado River was just gaining its footing, and fighting for its life to survive the horrors of the Mojave Wasteland. Between the seemingly endless number of fiends, the slaving Legion hordes, the shadowy Mojave Chapter of the Brotherhood of Steel, and the numerous disorganized Raider gangs along the Long 15, a deployment to the Mojave Territories was a death sentence for the majority of troopers that wound up in that hellhole. This, was Desmond's first test of leadership. Arriving in the Mojave Territories with his platoon of 34 troopers in early 2271, they were posted to the newly established combat outpost in the remains of the McCarran International Airport, known as Camp McCarran. Day in and day out they fought tooth and nail for mere survival against enemies of all shapes and sizes. The most persistent and terrifying of these enemies were undoubtedly The Fiends, a loose collection of psychotic and drugged up Wastelanders motivated by a thirst for blood and caps. The most notable of these Fiends was one by the name of Bam-Bam, who lead a small group of the craziest Fiends in terrifying suicide attacks against the outpost, killing six of his troopers in the first two months of their deployment. However, things were about to get much, much worse. The Brotherhood War (2271-2272): First Lieutenant Desmond was, unfortunately, in the worst place and the worst time. In 2271, the tensions between the Brotherhood of Steel and the New California Republic boiled over in the Mojave, leading to all out war between the numerous but lightly armed NCR troopers, and the much smaller number of highly trained and disciplined Brotherhood of Steel Knights and Paladins. The war was, to put it mildly, a bloodbath. First engaging the Brotherhood along I-15 a couple of days after the beginning of hostilities, Desmond and his platoon soon found themselves outgunned and outmatched by Brotherhood forces on nearly every occasion. Every assault meant another dead squad. Every patrol meant another lost trooper. No offensive or defensive action was undertaken without heavy casualties. For a couple of months, Desmond thought he wouldn't make it out alive. Thankfully though, he had somehow remained unscathed up to this point. By September, 2272 Desmond's 34 man platoon had been slowly withered down to 9 troopers, and combined with two other platoons of similar size to comprise "Alpha Company" of the 3rd Battalion, 1st Infantry Regiment, the same unit his father served with 50 years ago. Because of his new position of Company Commander, he was meritoriously promoted to the rank of Captain. However, the company wasn't much of anything at all by this point. Low on supplies, men, and morale, they couldn't make another assault without ensuring their own death. However, it was at this time that they received a large surge of reinforcements from the West, part of President Wendall Pederson's "Great Surge". His company soon swelled back up to a healthy size of 100 soldiers, and acquired all the supplies they would need for what his battalion commander was calling "the final battle". Unfortunately, Captain Desmond Wolf would never fight in "the final battle" Colonel Taggerty was speaking about, as he was seriously injured in a Brotherhood Attack in late 2272. He was swiftly evacuated back down the Long 15 to Dry Wells, and spent two months recovering in a military hospital. During this time, his outstanding combat record was noticed by a member of congress he used to serve alongside with in the 2260s, and he was promoted to the rank of Colonel and given a command of his own. Deployment to Provo, Utah (2273-2275): In late 2273, now Colonel Desmond and his battalion were reassigned to the fledgling Utah territories, to the city of Provo. Provo was the largest city along US-189, the key road linking the New California Republic with New Canaan. New Canaan at the time was distrustful of the NCR, but Desmond's mission was supposed to change all of that by opening a key supply route between the two so trade could continue unhindered. Unfortunately, a massive raider empire also wanted New Canaan for themselves, and entered the region shortly afterwards to thwart the NCRs efforts in the region. For nearly two years, the 3rd Battalion held the supply corridor open thanks to the tenacity of the NCR troopers in the region, who came to be known as "The Gideon's" by the New Canaanites for their commitment to duty and steadfast nature in combat. A great trust soon developed between the two, and relations blossomed under the protection of Desmond's men. Unfortunately in 2275, Provo was captured during a daring daytime assault on the town by raider forces, forcing the NCR to make a tactical withdrawal down 189 back into NCR territory. After this, the battalion was swiftly redeployed to the Mojave at the tail end of the Brotherhood War. Return to the Mojave (2276): In 2276, Desmond and his Battalion returned to the Mojave amid increasing tensions between the NCR and a massive and mysterious slaving empire across the Colorado River. Hoover Dam, the only known large scale crossing point between both sides of the river for hundreds of miles, was sure to be the site of a massive battle. Desmond and his battalion was merged with his and his father's former battalion, and took up the "Jackal" banner. This new battalion had in it some of his oldest friends from his military career, including Kent Conolly, James Boldrich, Licarde, and more. He was proud that he now commanded his fathers old unit, and knew that he had with him some of the greatest soldiers the Republic had to offer, and knew that he would not fail in his task. It is now, in the dry heat of the Mojave that Colonel Desmond finds himself. As he stares up at the NCR flag waving in the desert air, he thinks back on his illustrious career in the military. "Nearly twenty years...damn I'm getting old...Wish me luck Dad, I hope I don't need it" he thinks to himself. He straightens his beret, puts on his sunglasses, and begins his walk to the briefing tent.
  8. What do you want to be changed? The First Recon Beret currently isnt the actual recon beret, but instead a retextured version of the officer beret. Current: Should be: I want the model replaced with the actual 1st recon beret Explanation of suggestion? To replace the model the 1st Recon Beret uses with the ACTUAL recon beret, not a retex. officer beret. How or why does this benefit the server? Fixes an inconsistency. Are there any workshop add-ons or content needed for this suggestion? models/fallout/redberet.mdl
  9. What do you want to be changed? Start doing small up to large events for core factions Explanation of suggestion? Many times for core faction players its just getting on the server, Doing PVP/Looting and occasionally talking to people and doing relations. Besides in-Game Trainings. Occasionally having events for the core factions gives people something more to do and look forward to for example: A crashed BoS Vertibird in the wastes and the Brotherhood have to secure the location and protect it from wildlife (NPCS) and/or Waves of Raiders/Enemies A patrol of NCR troopers have gone missing, Its now up to the NCR to figure out where they are and what might've happend to them to be lost. A old bunker has been exposed after a shift in one of the caves in the wastes, Its up to whoever gets there first to secure it and properly excavate and explore it. How or why does this benefit the server? It gives people something new to do, It would not need to happen every single day but a weekly event for each core factions or perhaps a large wasteland event. It would keep players more interested into what is happening and perhaps gives room for more story leading up to major fallout events. Are there any workshop add-ons or content needed for this suggestion? No
  10. Office of the President Republic of New Vegas June 21, 2282 Colonel Desmond Wolf New Vegas Rangers Headquarters The Strip, New Vegas Subject: Directive to Initiate Hostilities with the PLA Colonel Wolf, I write to you on behalf of President Kimball, the elected leader of the Republic of New Vegas, to convey an important directive regarding the People's Liberation Army (PLA) and the threat they pose to our sovereignty and the safety of our citizens. It has become clear that peaceful coexistence with the PLA is no longer a viable option. Under the direct order of President Kimball, you are hereby instructed to initiate hostilities against the PLA immediately. Failure to comply with this order will result in severe consequences, including charges of treason and advocating the overthrow of the government. The Republic of New Vegas has faced numerous challenges since its inception, but the PLA's recent actions have escalated to a level that cannot be ignored. Their ongoing attempts to undermine our authority, infiltrate our borders, and pose a threat to the stability and prosperity of our great nation cannot go unanswered. As the leader of the esteemed New Vegas Forces, you have demonstrated unwavering loyalty, bravery, and dedication to the Republic. It is in this spirit that we call upon you to lead your forces into battle against the PLA. Utilize your tactical expertise, knowledge of the wasteland, and the unparalleled skills of the Forces to neutralize the threat posed by the PLA and restore peace and security to our territories. The President emphasizes that the PLA's actions constitute a direct assault on the sovereignty and authority of the Republic. By initiating hostilities, we defend not only our government but also the values, rights, and freedoms our citizens hold dear. Your efforts will be instrumental in safeguarding the Republic's future. Colonel Wolf, it is imperative that you comply with this order without delay. The New Vegas Forces have always been known for their honor, integrity, and dedication to the Republic. Now, we need your leadership and the unwavering commitment of your troops to confront this threat head-on. President Kimball has made it explicitly clear that any failure to adhere to this order will be regarded as an act of treason and advocating the overthrow of the government. The consequences for such actions are severe and will be pursued with the utmost seriousness. This is a critical moment in the history of the Republic of New Vegas. By following this directive and engaging the PLA, you contribute to a brighter and safer future for our citizens and solidify your place among the heroes of our nation. May fortune favor the brave and may the Rangers lead the way to victory. Sincerely, Republic of New Vegas
  11. From: Colonel Eric Hackworth, New California Republic, Mojave theatre To: NCR Senatorial Staff ( @Hilton ) Message: By order of the republic and its people, Governor David Brown of the New California Republic is presenting a policy change regarding chems to be forwarded to the Shady Sands senate. LEGAL CHEMS -Addictol -Bitter Drink -Super Stimpak / Stimpack -Healing powder -Hydra -Med-x -Jet (only if paired with addictol afterwards) ILLEGAL -Buffout -Daddy-O -Day TripperPsycho -Rebound -Turbo Signed, Governor David Brown Authorized by Colonel Eric Hackworth of the New California Republic Final Tally for votes, yay - 16, nay - 5
  12. Name: Eric Haskell Hackworth Age: 37 Weight: 185 lbs Height: 6'1 Birthplace: outskirts of San Francisco Affiliation: Notes: Childhood: As a child Eric lived quite a odd but decent life with his two parents and younger brother in an underground bunker of sorts, it was odd to him as when he was younger anytime him and his brother wanted to go outside they were always told to wear a sort of suit that always hot to wear and had a sort of gold bobble head look to it. But that never bothered him or his brother when they'd get to go outside with their father and where they were able to watch and learn from his father tinker with an old radio station where he'd test all sorts of frequencies and listen in on conversations of people out in the wastes, but that all changed one day when his father found a channel that made an odd beeping sound in a pattern that made him jump and sprint back to our home. After that my mother and father told us to pack all our belongings and kept on telling us to get ready to go on a trip, but my father went back to the radio station to respond to the beeping he heard and when he came back he had tears in his eyes and seemed distant. Him and my mother went into a separate room to discuss something when both of the parents were heard crying loudly, and once they came out they informed their two sons of the situation. One of the brothers had to stay behind as there was not enough room at the new home they were going to and since Eric was the oldest he felt the need to volunteer so that his younger brother might have a better life. Once the tearful decision was made and everything was said and done the family members said their goodbyes while his father handed him a set of dog tags with a large "E" letter surrounded by stars in the the middle and promised that one day he would come find Eric and bring him home. Then that fateful day happened when a all black Vertibird landed and men in power armor escorted erics family onboard after which they took off into the distance and then they were gone. Adolescence: A year after the departure of his family and after hearing no word and with the issue of supplies running low Eric went to the radio tower to listen to frequencies when he heard one of a passing group that said they had supplies and we're taking any willing people to a sanctuary named Vault-15 which Eric quickly made the mistake of responding and giving his location, little did he know this could have been a grave decision as the men who arrived were heavily armed raiders who quickly took the young man as a Slave. As a slave Eric went through many hardships which hardened his heart and only made him miss his family and brother all that much more. Once Eric became 17 he was forced to fight in a gladiatorial like pit against beasts that wandered into traps set around the vault and after barely surviving 3 matches he was sure the next match he would die in. But as fate would have it he would not die in that disgusting place as a man with a terrifying presence and a retinue of men clad in brown armor with a two headed bear stormed in and forced the raiders of the vault to cease enslavement and engage in trade with a town called Shady Sands. Once the deal was set Eric along with the other slaves were liberated from their captors and one of the liberators noticing Erics seemingly cold stare offered to shelter the young man at his fathers farm. Adulthood: Two years passed after the incident and Eric was now an adopted son to a Haskell D. Hackworth, a former Desert Ranger, and the two created a close father son bond that reminded him of his real fathers compassion. Which made him even more saddened to learn his adoptive brother who had saved him was slain at the first battle of hoover dam by what people were describing as a group of coordinated raiders. This enraged the young adult who begged for his step father to send a letter of recommendation to the NCRs Military School located near the Boneyard, and after a full night of a back and forth argument he finally got the approval he desired and the following day he was off to NCR Officer School. Due to his survival skills and ability to improvise plans quickly he sped through many portions of the class garnering the attention from one of the guest speakers named Chief Hanlon who approached Eric with a proposition of leading a platoon of his own as apart of the national guard and being stationed at Shady Sands. At which point Eric promptly accepted the offer and after graduation and at the new rank of Captain and with his own Platoon under his command he set in motion a series of events that would forever stay with him. After a routine patrol he heard over his long range radio that a separate guardsmen squad was under fire from the North west. After arriving and reinforcing the other guardsmen platoon eric was finally able to see that they were fighting the supposed "reformed" raiders within vault-15. The assault of vault-15: Letting his emotions get the best of him once they repelled the attack Eric ordered his platoon to mobilize at the motor pool where he requisitioned 2 NCR Humvees sporting the m2 Browning .50 caliber machine gun, seeing this the other platoon also joined up in a transport truck and set out to the vault under the cover of night. Once they approached the vault Eric took command and ordered all forces to encircle the vault and once they did he ordered the Humvees to shine their floodlights on the vaults entrance, where he informed the raiders that all those who wished to surrender peacefully to leave the vault to do so now and that it was their only warning. After about 5 mins and 7 people exited the vault (who were later confirmed to be NCR documented settlers). Eric then ordered the Humvees to open up on the armored raiders. the battle on the exterior lasted a matter of minutes, the guardsmen's service rifles and the .50 calibers machine guns tearing through all the raiders in a shower of viscera and gore. after the exterior was clear the guardsmen stacked up on the vault and began a gruesome sweep and clear of the entire vault leaving no survivors whatsoever. Once the vault was cleared Eric then began to go around and personally execute any of the injured or surviving raiders with his M1911. Aftermath: Once the assault was finished the city's sirens could be heard blaring as they approached the gates, after the now company sized element returned back to base they were promptly arrested by the NCR Shock forces and held in their barracks for questioning. after what felt like days Captain Eric was called into an office where he met a Major General Lee and the current Ranger Chief Hilton, both of which questioned his reasoning for attacking the vault and if he regretted his actions. To which he explained his reasoning and informed them that not only did he not regret his actions but he would do them again, which they both seemed to approve of as once he said that the general explained to Eric that the vault was going to be subject to a raid by Shock as it was suspected the inhabitants were engaging in human trafficking again, and that Erics force not only cleared a heavily fortified vault in under a day but suffered no severe casualties in the interior conflict and saved the 7 NCR settlers that had been kidnapped by the raiders. He then informed Eric that he was being promoted to the rank of Colonel for his actions, and that he was tasked recruiting and training a division sized element to be sent to the Mojave Desert as a punishment for his unsanctioned operation. California Dreamin' battle.mp3
  13. The current command roster regarding operations within the Mojave Wasteland POTNCR President Arron Kimball Oversees the NCR political sphere as well as approving military campaigns HIGHCOM General O10 Oliver Lee Handles military operations within the Mojave Wasteland. Oversees SOBDE Lieutenant General 09 Moore Coordinates Logistical means for military operations. CENTCOM Colonel 06 Hsu Commanding Officer of NCR personnel at Camp McCarran Colonel 06 Hackworth Commanding Officer of NCR personnel at forward operating base Hotel (previously Mojave Outpost) SOCOM Ranger Chief 06 Hilton - MIA Commanding Officer of the NCR ranger teams and Special Operations Brigade. Stationed at FOB Hotel Major 04 Dhatri Commanding Officer of 1st Reconnaissance Battalion. Stationed at Camp McCarran
  14. As you're flying in your assigned transport vertibird a voice can be heard on all frequencies addressing everyone Time: 04:45 AM Date: 5/24/2276 Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen this is your Colonel speaking, now as you may know we are currently enroute to help bolster and restructure the "Mojave outpost" which'll now be designated as FOB Hotel, we will be acting as a relief force for 3rd battalion by assisting them in medical attention and rendering Med-evac transport to the hospitals at HQ, Now just to re-iterate our standing orders from General Lee are to fortify our current foothold within the mojave wasteland, but our secondary orders are to assist in preparations for Operations Whiteout, Sunburst, and Reclamation which will be no easy feat. We will also be tasked with preforming routine check ups on progress and reporting all actions regarding the operations to LTG Moore who's overseeing the garrison. But I have faith in all of you wonderful people and I am glad to have the honor of being your commanding officer in this endeavor with that being said Semper Primus, and glory to the republic!" V-22 Osprey Engines Sound Effect.mp3
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