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[Character Introduction] Dingle Twinkle Berry


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-["Best Friend" Dingle Twinkle Berry]-



Centaur mutant/monster in Fallout 3 - Writeups.org

Age: ??

Weight: ??

Height: Exactly one centaur tall

Birthplace: Goo

Affiliation: Unity

Capital Wasteland Centaurs at Fallout 4 Nexus - Mods and community

Dingle Twinkle Berry is considered to be the oldest living centaur roaming the wasteland, it's even said that he was the Master personal centaur. 

For this reason, Dingle Twinkle Berry was given the highest rank a centaur can have in the army, "Best Friend Centaur", making him one of the highest ranking members of Unity. Although mainly ceremonial amongst the super mutants, he does hold authority amongst other centaurs and even some COTC humans.

It was told through various scriptures written by the Children of Cathedral was that Dingle Twinkle Berry was present when the Master was slain by the Vault Dweller, though he was believed to be killed in the explosion or at the hands of the blue jumpsuit maniac, he survived. No one knows how, some said the Master himself saved him as his final act, some say he was protected by a blast door, and some even say he crawled into a fridge left open by a certain mutant on break.

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