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Divide Weapon Tierlist


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Management and Staff Council have come together to give a more direct list of what "Tiers" weapons are considered in!

This list is subject to change at anytime.

Factions having custom weapons that want to downgrade tiers may reach out to Staff Council or Management

All weapons falling under a TIER are subject to the weapon stats of other weapons of the same tier

(with possible differences)

T5 - Legendary / Unique Weapons (All Labeled In-game)

XM8, SA80, Fatman, Laser Cannon, Alien Weapons, Grognak Axe, The Hook, Laser Katana, Survivalist Rifle

T4 - High End Tier

Modded Minigun, Plasma Gatling, Gauss Gatling, AUG, All Flamethrower Weapons, All Explosive Weapons, Bozar, Cryolator, Cyberdog, P49 Caster, Plasma Caster, Mr. Gatling, M2 Browning, Anti-Mat, MG42, Martini Henry, Vindicator, Shoulder Mounted Machine Gun, Railway Sniper, Tesla Cannon, G11, Holorifle, Tesla RCW, Mini-Launcher, Gauss Musket, M24, Riot Shotgun, Gauss Rifle, Plasma Gauss, Gyrojet, Raider R91, Mesmetron (Both), Bomber Strafe, Chigurhs Shotgun, P90, Gamma Gun, Pancor Jackhammer, 

Super Sledge, Ballistic Fist, Shiskebab, Boomstick, Yaoi Guai Gauntlet, Zweihander, Ripper,

T3 - High Mid Tier

Paciencia, Raging Bull, Sequoia, Automatic Rifle, ACR, Deagle, Patriot, Minigun, Gatling Laser, Liberator, PPSH-41, Revo Sniper, Modded Sniper, DP-28, Recharger Rifle, Pulse Rifle, M72, Infiltrator, Type 56, M-14, Incinerator, Heavy Plasma Repeater, Scatterbeam Laser, Brush Gun, Suicide Nuke, Maple Lever Action, Gauss Pistol, Syringer, Mares Leg, Service Rifle MKII, Orbital Strikes, Trench Gun, FN FAL, XL70, Laser Sniper Rifle, Ranger Carbine, Range Master, Wattz Laser Pistol, AK-112, FN FAL, 

Power Fist, Deathclaw Gauntlet, Mantis Gauntlet, Proton Axe, Nunchucks,

T2 - Mid Tier

Radium Rifle, Tommy Gun, Sniper Rifle, Sniper Rifle w/ Supressor, Wattz Rifle, Double Barrel, .44 Magnum, Laser Musket (All variants), Railway Rifle, Brass Cowboy Repeater, Trail Carbine, Hunting Rifle (All variants), Sawed Off, Marksman Carbine, Judicator, Plasma Repeater, Hunting Revolver, 10mm Submachine Gun, 12.7mm Submachine Gun, Light Machine Gun, Lever Action, Hunting Shotgun, Battle Rifle, .45 Submachine Gun, .45 Pistol, 5.56 Pistol (?), MP5, MP40, Colt 6520, 5.56 Pistol, UZI

War Club, Chinese Officer Sword, Legion Bumper Sword, Bumper Sword, Commie Whacker, Road Sign, Cavalry Saber, Cattle Prod,

T1 - Low End

Assault Carbine, Silenced Assault Carbine, Laser Rifle, Plasma Rifle, Laser RCW, Multiplas, Caravan Shotgun, Laser Pistol, Plasma Pistol, Plasma Disruptor, 9mm Pistol, 10mm Pistol, Police Pistol, Cowboy Repeater, R91, Chinese Assault Rifle, Service Rifle (All variants), Varmint Rifle, Combat Shotgun, .357 Revolver, 9mm Submachine Gun, .22 Pistol, .22 Submachine Gun, Flamer Pistol (DOGSHIT), Tribeam, Handmade AR, Chinese Pistol, Scoped Laser Rifle,

Basically all the other similar ones, as well as lootable melee weapons.

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