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Found 9 results

  1. Question 1.) What is your Steam ID? Question 2.) What is your Discord ID? Question 3.) What will your COA character be named? Question 4.) Why are you applying to join the Children Of Atom as a born in? Question 5.) You are in Freeside, when a member of a neutral faction begins openly praising another god. What do you do? Question 6.)A waster is begging for help, claiming to be poor and seem desperate for food water and caps. what do you do? Question 7.)you are taken hostage, and told that you can only be released if you change armors, as you cant be seen leaving. What do you do? question 8.) Do you understand that failure to uphold the coa's standard of rp will reflect negatively on your rank?
  2. -=The Gold Rush Minutemen Return and calls for aid=- You do not know of us, we do not attempt to harm you. You are looking at the people who wish to help the wasteland by saving the Waster. Founded in 2240 months before the East Coast lost their Castle, an expedition was sent to the West to attempt to help the wasteland outside of the Commonwealth. They stopped in the Capital Wasteland, ruins of most of the mid west and north before reaching Nevada where they camped for many years. in 2270 they disbanded and for many people, the Minutemen were done. However in 2275, a lone General rallied the call, and the Minutemen were reborn, calling for all those old and new to protect the Waste. Moving to Utah, the group aims to protect the Waster and kill the slaver. Its not an easy life with the Minutemen, but thanks to old friends, reprogramming AO Droids they found during a scavenging run allowed their forces to grow even stronger then before. The General The General of the Minutemen is a man named Raven Faeborn, first joining in 2260 Raven watched raiders and slavers harassed the people of the Wasteland and knew he needed to help stop it. When they were disbanded Raven joined militias across Nevada and California but knew they needed something larger. Seeing the raider and slaver threat growing, Raven took to the wind and rallied his old minutemen comrades, together they scavenged old warehouses, rearmed themselves, and began new suppliers allowing them to grow once again. AO Droids After the reunification of the Minutemen, a mission was sent to a old military warehouse that was recently abandoned for an unknown reason. When searching in the ruins, they described some sort of robot. Taking it to their temporarily HQ they were able to use the robot to find more of its kind, and with the help of many old friends, they were able to reprogram the Droids into members of the Minutemen. Today, the AO Droids serve as saviors of slaves, stoppers of muggers, and protectors of settlements. The Wasteland needs you once again, will you answer the call? OOC Question 1.) Your Steam ID? Question 2.) Your Discord ID? Question 3. ) Do you wish to become a human or AO Droid Question 4. ) Why do you wish to join the Minutemen? Question .5 ) What will your potential character's name be? (AO droids are allowed to pick their own names but preferred to be related or joking to Revolutionary heroes) Question 6. ) Do you understand the drawbacks and benefits of the Minutemen? Question 7.) What would be your backstory for the Minutemen? Question 8.) Repeat this oath: I, [name], do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will defend and help out the innocent wastelanders so no raider or slaver will place any harm unto them; and I will obey the orders from officers, never attempt to break relations, and treat my fellow Minutemen with respect; I will accept any and all forms of punishment including being exiled or death by firing squad (PK) if I break any of our ideals. I will work to continue our ideals of the Settlement Federation and work to better this militia, long live the General and the Minutemen
  3. As you awaken from your slumber you would be greeted by a Knight who would hand you your transfer documentation. OOC Info Steam ID HERE Discord ID HERE Interview State your full birth name HERE What Role are you Interested in? Specify Knights, Mutants, Reavers, Calculators or Brimstone. Summarize your history and story. Enter backstory. (50 words minimum) Explain the Midwestern Brotherhoods ideology and mission. Enter explanation. (50 words minimum) What is the codex? How important is it to you? Enter explanation. (50 words minimum) Do you promise to follow the codex now until the end, or face punishment as a traitor? Yes / No
  4. Question 1.) What is your Steam ID? STEAM_0:0:581040052 Question 2.) What is your Discord ID? theYuri01 Question 3.) What will your Enclave Character be named? Reese Adams Question 4.) Why are you applying to join the Enclave? To fight for the enclave {i used to be in it a long time ago ] Question 5.) A Ghoul is standing on the sidewalk of a public street. Describe how you would handle this situation. I would cuff him and hang him Question 6.) How much do you love America? I love America so much I would die for it
  5. As you explore and indulge on the various casinos on The Strip, you stop to see one casino stand out from the rest: The Tops Hotel & Casino. A casino filled with those that were willing to swing into the swankiest and stylish compared to the rest. While the Omertas dealt with their shady attitudes and kept recluse, and while the White Gloves dabbled in the fanciest catering and fine dining known to mankind; The Chairmen serve to cater the finest entertainment money could buy, keep the gambling going, and cater a more casual experience to get the next wastelander prepped for the wasteland, more or less the right way. It's no surprise to hear that due to the incompetence of Yes Man, it cause the other three families to unite and run the Strip all three at their lonesome, determined to serve as a beacon of fortune for the Mojave. The Chairmen, given more power than before, now determined to make themselves more prominent than their competition. As you gaze over the flashing lights and upcoming premiers for the Aces Theater, a lone Chairmen on break drops a calling card with their casino's logo printed on the back. Taking it, you waltz inside, like any Chairmen, looking to seize the opportunity... OCC Questions: Steam ID: Discord ID: Why do you wish to join the Chairmen?: You understand that by being Born-In, you will be unable to defect, leak anything from the faction, and that you will be PK'ed upon discharge?: You understand that your application can be denied for any reason and that you will wait 2 days to reapply unless told not to?: IC Questions: Name: Human/Ghoul or Securitron?: How did you join the Chairmen?: Character Description: A Wastelander enters The Strip, The Strip is free to enter but the Wastelander is from a faction ONLY hostile to the Chairmen, what do you do?: The Chairman requests an influx of entertainers to get the Tops running, how would you go about this?: Do you agree to follow the laws of the Chairman and what he establishes for the Tops and all other Chairmen?:
  6. Question 1.) What is your Steam ID? STEAM_0:0:555626440 Question 2.) What is your Discord ID? veeenoo Question 3.) What will your Enclave character be named? Jack richman Question 4.) Why are you applying to join the Enclave? i want to be able to enhance my own rp as well as make it better for others and have a well rounded group around me being able to bring the full rp to life Question 5.) A ghoul is standing on the sidewalk of a public street. Describe how you would handle this situation. watch my surroundings if in a the wasteland i would take it out and continue on to find more so we can purge those of who are not normal
  7. In the top suite of the Lucky 38 Casino, the representatives of the Three Families, the White Glove Society, the Omertas, and the Chairmen, meet to form an alliance after Mr. House's fall. United by a shared vision, they seize control of House Industries from Yes Man, pledging to restore stability and prosperity to the Mojave. Meanwhile, the Omertas embark on a discreet mission to recruit new members, seeking individuals with unique skills and a taste for secrecy. As the alliance takes shape, the fate of New Vegas remains delicately balanced, with each decision shaping the city's future. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FOR QUICKER RESPNSES PLEASE DM "GHASTS" WHEN YOU APPLY! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OOC Questions QUESTION 1: Steam Profile link and Discord. QUESTION 2: Previous Factions you have been in? Question 3: Why do you want to join the Omerta family? no bullshit. Question 4: Do you understand that by being a born in you can not harm the faction intentionally in any shape or form? (no defect or leaks) Question 5: Time zone you live in? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- IC Questions Question 1: What are you best at doing? Question 2: Are you able to shoot a gun straight, can you be relied on as a shooter or are you more of an earner? No bullshit. Question 3: Do you agree to follow the laws of the Omerta family and keep secret everything within it to the day you die? Question 4: Tell me about yourself, who are you, why should you even be here? Question 5: Name, Ethnicity & Gender? Question 6: Securitron or Human? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  8. Question 1.) What is your Steam ID? Question 2.) What is your Discord ID? Question 3.) What will your COA character be named? Question 4.) Why are you applying to join the Children Of Atom? Question 5.) What division will you join if your application is accepted? Shepherds Of Atom, or Defenders Of Atom? Shepherds are primarily rp focused, while defenders are primarily combat focused while still retaining a need to rp with the rest of the faction. Question 6.) A heretic is besmirching the glorious name of atom, and is praising another to a crowd, do you? A): Begin a dialogue, and discuss the differences in gods and why atom is better? B): Shoot him, directly in the face. C):Nuke the area he is using for his congregation. D): Ignore him, as he is uneducated. E): Custom answer. Question 7.) do you acknowledge that despite division selection, role play is a prime part of COA, and that failure to properly uphold the standard of RP set by the HC will result in negative reviews on your character and may effect their rank?
  9. .:: Survivalists - Radscorpion Company Deployment Forum ::. OOC Questions Steam ID: Discord ID: Other Character Names: Why do you want to join?: Do you have experience with FalloutRP?: IC Questions Full Name: Ex: Leonard J. Chapman Age: Ex: 18+ Physical Description: (Ex: Male | African American | 6'3ft Tall | Average Weight | Hazel Eyes ) Background & Upbringing: Why are you requesting to be transferred to Radscorpion Company? Radscorpion Company is being deployed to the Mojave Region, a region considered extremely deadly, do you understand that you will be pushed mentally and physically to your limits? Do you understand that if you perish your body may never be recovered? Do you understand that communications outside of the Mojave Region will be limited? Do you understand and accept the responsibility that you may never see relatives or loved ones again? Question; Your commanding officer without prior discussion orders you to execute a fellow survivalist, what do you do?: Question; in detail, how would you go about either disassembling a specific firearm, repairing a broken terminal, or preparing a specific meal.: Question; You are assigned to an investigation to find a missing member, your search leads you to a shack containing a safe with the info inside of it. Unfortunately the safe is locked by a terminal and requires a passcode, luckily for you the shack's inhabitants have just recently returned. How do you go about getting the safe's information from them?: Question; There's a small team of survivalists under heavy enemy fire, yet an officer is also pinned down elsewhere. You'll only be able to go after one, which one do you chose to rescue?: Question; It is midnight and you have snuck into the enemy encampment and on the way out the way you came in is being patrolled by a 3-man squad. The Camp possesses an armory, a triage center, and natural boundaries of hills and mountains. How do you escape?: Question; You and your squad have set up an outpost on an important trade route, while your guard is down a shipment of food and water is stolen. You trace the thief back to their camp and uncover that the camp consists of lightly armed families consisting of mothers, fathers, and mostly children. What do you do?: If Accepted You'll be given a rundown on the rules and how the faction is organized. You'll be placed at the rank of Private First Class. "Allons"
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