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Found 9 results

  1. -[ Mojave Unity Born-In Applications ]- [----] [----] [----] [----] -[----------]- [----] [----] [----] [----] [----] [----] [----] [----] -[----------]- [----] [----] [----] [----] [Beginning of transmission...] "We're at the epoch of the greatest conflict in history! The Unity are engaging with various insidious forces that stand in the way of our grand vision for the wasteland and it's denizens.... One God, One Unity, One Master. We provide a solution that's tangible and not abstract like other groups that purport to be harbingers of a new glorious destiny. WE aren't deluded and WE aren't preoccupied on ideals of utopia and idealism.... we see the world as the torturous reality as it is and wish to cease this malignant condition it seems to be suffocated with. If you wish to take part in this glorious, most important... campaign of all campaigns, approach the mountain in the wastes known as 'Black Mountain'. We will be waiting for you. FOLLOW, PRAY.... UNITY." [End of transmission...] [----] [----] [----] [----] -[----------]- [----] [----] [----] [----] Narrated by A Stranger "I'm sure you have heard the rumors about this group of mutant living at Black Mountain. I an assure you everything you heard about them taking people into the mountain's summit and those people not returning is true. This organisation is called the Unity and they worship this god.... called the Master. They are a continuation of an organisation which originated in California, many decades ago, which preached and sought after goals which they now seek to replicate in the Mojave. This group wishes to change people into mutants like them and they even have other people working for them who have not even been changed yet. I will tell you everything I know about this mysterious and bizarre group but what you decide to do with the information I have provided you - I will not be held responsible for." [----] [----] [----] [----] -[----------]- [----] [----] [----] [----] The Unity "This group... the Unity... consists not only of mutants but also has humans, ghouls and other irradiated creatures within its ranks. They all follow one common goal to continue the vision of their god... the Master. The records are hazy but back in California the previous iteration of this organization did fail in their attempts to spread their 'message' and their main base of operations was destroyed as a result. Their mission was to kidnap, induct and persuade all humans to acquiesce to the whims of the Unity and their goals. Their ideology chiefly claimed that complete obedience to the 'Master' was of the utmost importance and super mutants were the next evolution of the human species and intrinsically superior to their conventional human counterparts. In following this ideology and the Master, it was believed among the organisation's members that the Master and his leadership would bring 'healing' and peace' for all in the wasteland converting all the worthy into mutants and ending human conflict and struggle. I am unsure when these remnants of this failed 'experiment' moved into the Mojave, however, regardless of how they came to be here, they are here, and have become a significant player in the political affairs of this region." [----] [----] [----] [----] -[----------]- [----] [----] [----] [----] The Leader "They are lead by a mutant who goes by the epithet 2nd Lou Tenant. The actual significance of this name past the clear association with military hierarchy is unknown to me. However, under his leadership this group of mainly mutants and humans has become a presence that cannot be ignored. You will see patrols roaming around the Mojave wastes and the numbers have seemed to grow recently. Despite being oblivious to the internal affairs of this group, he must be somewhat competent in his position. This is because mutants and humans are working together relatively well under his command which is a feat that not even the most patient and dedicated of leaders and visionaries and claim to have accomplished successfully." [----] [----] [----] [----] -[----------]- [----] [----] [----] [----] Children of the Cathedral "As I have mentioned. This organization consists of various species but that is not where the variation in structure ends. There is also distinct sub-sections of the Unity which serve differing purposes. I will only divulge information about one. The reasoning for this is because I believe this is all you will need to know for now. Whether I give you more information about the others, other creatures included, will be dependent on what you decide to do with the information I give you. Regardless, I shall now explain more about the esoteric Children of Cathedral. The Children of Cathedral act as the poster-child for the Unity in the Mojave, they mainly consist of humans and sometimes ghouls. These are the preachers, missionaries, humanitarians and zealots of the religion of the Master that the Unity still follows. They generally are the more approachable and friendly side of this otherwise militaristically aggressive organization. They revere the super mutants as demi-gods and believe they are blessed by their god, the Master, to be the way they are. You will usually see them roaming the settlements accompanied by mutant escorts delivering sermons and medical aid to locals. They also refer to the Master by many other names: 'Father Hope', 'The Second Holy Flame' and the 'One God'." [----] [----] [----] [----] -[----------]- [----] [----] [----] [----] Super Mutants "I don't think Super Mutants need too much of an introduction. You have seen them, I have seen them, everyone and their mother has seen them, especially, in this region. As we know, they are gigantic in height and body width, approximately, reaching heights of up to 8ft. Their excessive strength, resilience and durability makes them dwarf any human in terms of combat ability and pure physicality. Their intelligence is a another matter though. I am sure on your travels you may have witnessed mutants being quite questionable in how they acted and spoke. This is because mutants vary in intelligence. Many of them, are rather dumb in their intellect and cannot grapple with complex concepts. However, there is those who have an average degree of intellect and even beyond. There is also the Nightkin BUT that is not a topic I will expand upon right now. What is most fascinating about these gigantic creatures is their origins. Many Children of Cathedral will claim that the Master is the progenitor of the first Super Mutants and it through his will they came to be. What most reports say, at least, for the source of the change is this. Mutants were always human at one point in their life but came into contact with, whether forcefully or voluntarily, a substance known as FEV. The FEV apparently once in contact with the human body begins to mutate the cells inside and the flesh begins to distort and elongate, changing them into a super mutant after a certain period of time. With the guaranteed strength, height, durability and, if you're fortunate, sustained or even enhanced intellect, also comes a longer life expectancy. It has been stated by many, and even mutant themselves, there has been mutants that have lived beyond 200 years old. The peak of how long they live is not known but it is for certain, should these stories be believed, the average super mutant has at least a tripled or quadrupled life-span compared to an average human." [----] [----] [----] [----] -[----------]- [----] [----] [----] [----] Centaurs "The creatures I'm going to explain next are not as common as the Super Mutants or the Children of the Cathedral but they do exist. These creatures which I will enlighten you about are called the Centaurs. The origins of these grotesque dog-like beings is contested but many believe they come from the same source that created Super Mutants... the FEV. What distinguishes them from their Super Mutant cousins is the form in which their body takes shape and the ingredients of species that creates them. Instead of one human, unlike Super Mutants, Centaurs are reportedly made due to various creatures and humans interacting with the FEV mutation process at the same time. These creatures can range from dogs and humans to other combinations of living beings. All centaurs have elongated tongues that extend out of their mouths and droop down from their faces. They use them to sense, eat and even greet other creatures. Additionally, they walk on four legs and the bones of the animals that once existed before being submerged in the FEV mutation process are visible across it's body. It has been said they can project out spit towards others at considerable distances and upon contact with this spit, flesh begins to burn as if it were like acid. They also have a preference for eating any creatures that are weaker and smaller than them, so, for that reason, I would recommend not moving too close to one of these 'things' unless you want them to try eating you. Coupled with this, they have the intelligence of a dog, they are not capable of any advanced intellect to comprehend morals, so, once they have their sights on eating you it is unlikely they will relent. The only beings they seem to listen to are Super Mutants. Whether they listen to the humans and ghouls is unknown but the Unity does use these creatures liberally in their structure as guard dogs and cannon fodder when they deem it necessary." [----] [----] [----] [----] -[----------]- [----] [----] [----] [----] The End "I believe that is all you need to know now. What you choose to do next is up to you. I will leave you to linger on the knowledge I have endowed you with. It is only through your own choice will you know the true path to walk on. Be careful outside in the wastes, the Mojave is not safe and never will be safe until the right decisions are made. Now, goodbye... *a device is initiated and he vanishes in-front of your eyes* *You hear the door move and before it shuts you hear in a soft tone....* "May Father Hope guide you on your path." [----] [----] [----] [----] -[----------]- [----] [----] [----] [----] --< OOC >-- These applications will be open indefinitely, unless, stated otherwise by Unity HC. If you wish to join us as either a born-in Centaur, COTC or a Mutant, answer appropriately and respond in the following format: Question 1.) Your Steam ID? Question 2.) Your Discord ID? Question 3.) How long are these applications remaining open? Question 4. ) Do you wish to become a centaur, COTC or mutant? Question 5.) What faction are you applying for? Question 6. ) What fallout games have you played? Question 7. ) Why do you wish to join the Unity? Question 8. ) What will your potential character's name be? Question 9. ) Do you understand and accept the consequences of joining as a born-in member of the Unity? Question 10. ) Which factions have you played on the server? Describe your potential characters backstory (No Word Limit): [----] [----] [----] [----] -[----------]- [----] [----] [----] [----]
  2. Question 1.) What is your Steam ID? Question 2.) What is your Discord ID? Question 3.) What will your COA character be named? Question 4.) Why are you applying to join the Children Of Atom as a born in? Question 5.) You are in Freeside, when a member of a neutral faction begins openly praising another god. What do you do? Question 6.)A waster is begging for help, claiming to be poor and seem desperate for food water and caps. what do you do? Question 7.)you are taken hostage, and told that you can only be released if you change armors, as you cant be seen leaving. What do you do? question 8.) Do you understand that failure to uphold the coa's standard of rp will reflect negatively on your rank?
  3. -̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷ Due to the sudden mobilization of the air forces vertibirds the colonel wishes to confirm numbers on total manpower to determine accurate ration counts as well as other logistical figures -̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷ Name (First, Last): Date of Birth: Race (Ghoul or Mutant): Identification Number (12 digits): State of residency: City of residency: Height: Weight: Brief history of yourself: Division Interest: [Shock/Infantry/Recon/Ranger/Medical]: Oath: I, _____, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the NCR against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the NCR and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice, and will accept all NCR law punishments including max prison sentence (PK) if I break this oath. So help me God. -̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷ Discord ID: Steam ID: -̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷-̷ Fallout New Vegas_New California Republic Anthem.mp3
  4. As you awaken from your slumber you would be greeted by a Knight who would hand you your transfer documentation. OOC Info Steam ID HERE Discord ID HERE Interview State your full birth name HERE What Role are you Interested in? Specify Knights, Mutants, Reavers, Calculators or Brimstone. Summarize your history and story. Enter backstory. (50 words minimum) Explain the Midwestern Brotherhoods ideology and mission. Enter explanation. (50 words minimum) What is the codex? How important is it to you? Enter explanation. (50 words minimum) Do you promise to follow the codex now until the end, or face punishment as a traitor? Yes / No
  5. As you explore and indulge on the various casinos on The Strip, you stop to see one casino stand out from the rest: The Tops Hotel & Casino. A casino filled with those that were willing to swing into the swankiest and stylish compared to the rest. While the Omertas dealt with their shady attitudes and kept recluse, and while the White Gloves dabbled in the fanciest catering and fine dining known to mankind; The Chairmen serve to cater the finest entertainment money could buy, keep the gambling going, and cater a more casual experience to get the next wastelander prepped for the wasteland, more or less the right way. It's no surprise to hear that due to the incompetence of Yes Man, it cause the other three families to unite and run the Strip all three at their lonesome, determined to serve as a beacon of fortune for the Mojave. The Chairmen, given more power than before, now determined to make themselves more prominent than their competition. As you gaze over the flashing lights and upcoming premiers for the Aces Theater, a lone Chairmen on break drops a calling card with their casino's logo printed on the back. Taking it, you waltz inside, like any Chairmen, looking to seize the opportunity... OCC Questions: Steam ID: Discord ID: Why do you wish to join the Chairmen?: You understand that by being Born-In, you will be unable to defect, leak anything from the faction, and that you will be PK'ed upon discharge?: You understand that your application can be denied for any reason and that you will wait 2 days to reapply unless told not to?: IC Questions: Name: Human/Ghoul or Securitron?: How did you join the Chairmen?: Character Description: A Wastelander enters The Strip, The Strip is free to enter but the Wastelander is from a faction ONLY hostile to the Chairmen, what do you do?: The Chairman requests an influx of entertainers to get the Tops running, how would you go about this?: Do you agree to follow the laws of the Chairman and what he establishes for the Tops and all other Chairmen?:
  6. Question 1.) What is your Steam ID? Question 2.) What is your Discord ID? Question 3.) What will your COA character be named? Question 4.) Why are you applying to join the Children Of Atom? Question 5.) What division will you join if your application is accepted? Shepherds Of Atom, or Defenders Of Atom? Shepherds are primarily rp focused, while defenders are primarily combat focused while still retaining a need to rp with the rest of the faction. Question 6.) A heretic is besmirching the glorious name of atom, and is praising another to a crowd, do you? A): Begin a dialogue, and discuss the differences in gods and why atom is better? B): Shoot him, directly in the face. C):Nuke the area he is using for his congregation. D): Ignore him, as he is uneducated. E): Custom answer. Question 7.) do you acknowledge that despite division selection, role play is a prime part of COA, and that failure to properly uphold the standard of RP set by the HC will result in negative reviews on your character and may effect their rank?
  7. .:: Survivalists - Radscorpion Company Deployment Forum ::. OOC Questions Steam ID: Discord ID: Other Character Names: Why do you want to join?: Do you have experience with FalloutRP?: IC Questions Full Name: Ex: Leonard J. Chapman Age: Ex: 18+ Physical Description: (Ex: Male | African American | 6'3ft Tall | Average Weight | Hazel Eyes ) Background & Upbringing: Why are you requesting to be transferred to Radscorpion Company? Radscorpion Company is being deployed to the Mojave Region, a region considered extremely deadly, do you understand that you will be pushed mentally and physically to your limits? Do you understand that if you perish your body may never be recovered? Do you understand that communications outside of the Mojave Region will be limited? Do you understand and accept the responsibility that you may never see relatives or loved ones again? Question; Your commanding officer without prior discussion orders you to execute a fellow survivalist, what do you do?: Question; in detail, how would you go about either disassembling a specific firearm, repairing a broken terminal, or preparing a specific meal.: Question; You are assigned to an investigation to find a missing member, your search leads you to a shack containing a safe with the info inside of it. Unfortunately the safe is locked by a terminal and requires a passcode, luckily for you the shack's inhabitants have just recently returned. How do you go about getting the safe's information from them?: Question; There's a small team of survivalists under heavy enemy fire, yet an officer is also pinned down elsewhere. You'll only be able to go after one, which one do you chose to rescue?: Question; It is midnight and you have snuck into the enemy encampment and on the way out the way you came in is being patrolled by a 3-man squad. The Camp possesses an armory, a triage center, and natural boundaries of hills and mountains. How do you escape?: Question; You and your squad have set up an outpost on an important trade route, while your guard is down a shipment of food and water is stolen. You trace the thief back to their camp and uncover that the camp consists of lightly armed families consisting of mothers, fathers, and mostly children. What do you do?: If Accepted You'll be given a rundown on the rules and how the faction is organized. You'll be placed at the rank of Private First Class. "Allons"
  8. ⍟ The Survivalists ⍟ "Who are the Survivalists?" - The Survivalists being descended from a pre-war Army regiment carry many facets attributed to them; loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity, and personal courage. Despite us being one of the oldest groups in the wasteland, we isolated ourselves after hostile experiences with raiders and wasters alike. Total isolation would've been detrimental as history has proven. In order to minimize our interactions with the outside world we've only interacted with a few small towns to trade for/with technology, medicine, small arms, and manpower. One of these small communities were the Mormons of New Caanan, who's religion brought comfort to numerous members. Our main goals are to survive, maintain order amongst ourselves, and to carry on the cultural legacy of the United States. With these goals in mind, a Survivalist must constantly hone their skills and even excel their current boundaries to preserve our kin, our order, and the legacy of the United States. --------------------------- "How do I join the Survivalists?" - You can join via born-in applications on the forums or in game. Both ways of joining require one to go through an inductee phase which will test you in both aggressive/passive RP and PVP. It consists of various trials and tasks for one to complete. --------------------------------- Introductory History to the Survivalists and Radscorpion Company. The Survivalists are post-war descendants of a branch of the 11th Armored Cavalry who were exiled north following a schism. They set up in a military installation, referred to as "Fort Dugway", near Salt Lake City. In recent years, waves of raiders and tribals have been driven through them and Survivalist command have drafted various companies to investigate the issue. Radscorpion Company was the first organized to both uncover whatever happened to their brothers in Hopeville and Ashton, along with the root of these raider troubles. Commanding the Radscorpion Company is the newly promoted Captain Robert Anderson and his lieutenants, Jake Dunn and Hayden Ridgeway. "Allons"
  9. As you're flying in your assigned transport vertibird a voice can be heard on all frequencies addressing everyone Time: 04:45 AM Date: 5/24/2276 Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen this is your Colonel speaking, now as you may know we are currently enroute to help bolster and restructure the "Mojave outpost" which'll now be designated as FOB Hotel, we will be acting as a relief force for 3rd battalion by assisting them in medical attention and rendering Med-evac transport to the hospitals at HQ, Now just to re-iterate our standing orders from General Lee are to fortify our current foothold within the mojave wasteland, but our secondary orders are to assist in preparations for Operations Whiteout, Sunburst, and Reclamation which will be no easy feat. We will also be tasked with preforming routine check ups on progress and reporting all actions regarding the operations to LTG Moore who's overseeing the garrison. But I have faith in all of you wonderful people and I am glad to have the honor of being your commanding officer in this endeavor with that being said Semper Primus, and glory to the republic!" V-22 Osprey Engines Sound Effect.mp3
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